Cross-Stitch from Luminous Fiber Arts

Misty Purcell’s latest designs are so sweet. Why not tuck them in unexpected places to add a touch of charm to any nook or cranny. In her words:

These chubby birds are looking for a sweet treat! They’ve landed at the bee skep to see if the bees will share a bit of delicious honey with them

Gathering Honey

Turkeys aren’t normally cute, but at an antique shop a few years ago I came across the most adorable appliqued turkey I had seen. He became the inspiration for this design. My turkey is feeling thankful that he is so handsome, no one could bear to eat him! 

A Turkey's Thanks

It’s a beautiful day for gliding gracefully across the ice. After enjoying some time on the rink, the elves will head home for a steaming cup of hot cocoa!  

Mousecapades 1: Mice on Ice

It’s a bumpy ride skiing down the gumdrop-covered roof of a gingerbread house! The race is on! Who will make it to the finish line first?

Mousecapades 2: On the Housetop

Stitching Birds honors our close bond with fellow stitchers who share our passion for needlework. Pattern includes an alphabet so you can add your initials and those of a cherished friend.

Friendship Series: Stitching Birds

These patterns are due to arrive the middle of next month so place your orders now.