Mary Poppins Playmates

The new Little Poppins bag is due to arrive next month. It is doubly cute because you can make it in two sizes: 13 x 9 x 6 or 13 x 12 x 6. Who doesn’t love the proportions and style with a classic touch? The pattern includes high quality stays. (Additional stays can be purchased separately).

Achieve professional quality by using a great stabilizer for the sides and bottom.

Now, don’t you want a set of all three???

Scallops aren’t just for the Beach

I am in Portland and the excitement started right when I landed. I ran into Christine Poor of Poorhouse Designs at the airport. If her luggage arrived safely, I will actually get to see the originals tomorrow.









She uses a no binding technique that sounds appealing. I can’t wait to stop by her booth and see how it is done. The purse and clutch are made with one package of Bosal pre-cuts. Buy two because you are going to want to make the placemats as well!









They come in In-R-Form or Craft-Tex. Choose your favorite product or make samples in both so customers can feel the difference!

We have a new baby at our house so I want to make a set as changing pads! Wouldn’t that be adorable??

Everything should be in stock by the end of the month so order them now!

Pre-Cuts are a Girl’s Best Friend

Many of you have fallen in love with the Craf-Tex placemats that are fusible on both sides.  These are great foundations because they don’t have to be quilted at all – talk about instant gratification!  Many designers saw the versatility of this product and have designed projects specifically for them.  To see the original and the patterns that support it, visit our website at:  //

Craf-Tex has followed the success of their rectangle place mats with several other entries.  All of them are fused on both sides.

These round place mats are 16″ – the perfect size for a centerpiece for a round table.  Why not have your customers bring in some orphan blocks and show them how easy it is to add borders, fuse in place, and trim to size?  A fat quarter is the perfect backing!

Item #PM-3B  Retail $9.00

The oval version has much rounder corners – perfect for small tables and tight places.

Item #PM-2B  Retail $9.00

The coasters come in round and square versions.  Why not use these as a foundation for a quick Christmas Ornament?

Item #437B-6CR  Retail $5.99

Item #437B-7CS  Retail $5.99

Remember – this foundation washes well but don’t stick it in a dryer.  Let the project air dry and press if needed.  Fast, fun and easy!