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I love everything by Lynette Anderson.  she has a quirky style that is instantly recognizable – and always makes me smile.  She combines embroidery with touches of applique to create stunning results.  Green Thumb, her latest five month Block of the Month is due to arrive any day-  and is sure to become a best seller

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Lynette uses Valdani flosses – and guess what!  We carry that as well…..

Crazy about Crazy Quilting and Embroidery

I saw these quilts up close and personal at Fall Market – and immediately put one on my bucket list!  Jan does the most exquisite applique and embroidery that I have ever seen – and writes directions that even a novice like me can understand!  Combining both talents is rare indeed…










Item #L11314  Retail $27.95

The cover quilt is a variation of an antique quilt and is also available in a wall hanging size. The red and creams are luscious!  I’ve already started collecting them!



Jan used the fan element in the larger quilt and repeated it into this quilt.  The black background is so sophisticated…


What a great opportunity to try new embroidery stitches.  Jan shows how to combine stitches in new and interested ways…
















This book includes 16 embroidery stitches and additional combinations.  For more stitches and an easy reference guide to all of your embroidery projects, check out Hand Embroidery Stitches at-a-glance which features complete step-by-step how-to instructions for 30 favorite embroidery stitches such as backstitch, blanket/buttonhole stitch, chain stitch, feather stitch, fly stitch, French knot, running stitch, stem stitch etc…

This is the only embroidery guide that also includes needle and thread charts for easy reference – lots of information presented in a clear, concise format and a handy, 4” x 6” carry-along size.



Item #L113213  Retail $8.50

Jan combined her favorite Valdani pearl cottons in either 8 or 12 to complete these projects.  When completing an heirloom project, why not start with the books and notions that Jan uses?


Item #FFVPC12SMPLR  Retail $70.00

Item #FFVPC8SMPLR  Retail $70.00

All of these products are due in in the next couple of weeks so order them now…