Carrie Nelson’s Pin Pals

This book is not due out until November, but I don’t care! I am a huge Carrie Nelson fan and immediately saw this book’s potential!

What a fun holiday display! As soon as the book arrives, have each member of your staff make a sample. With 40 to choose from, they are sure to find one they love! If you don’t have a big staff, ask your favorite customers to come in and help you make samples – you provide the fabric for two. They keep one and give you one to display.

Then have little bundles of fabric stacked under a tree so you can add your own personal touch. Don’t forget to have plenty of ground walnut shells on hand for stuffing.

The book, a bundle of fabric, and some walnut shells would be a great gift. But making the pincushions would be wonderful as well!

Why not start a pin cushion club? You can teach a different technique – or two – each month and actually go home with a finished project! Put on your thinking cap because the possibilities are endless! What about the classiest Corn Hole bags ever?????


The Latest Books will be Arriving Soon

There are several new books coming out in the next month – and these all have something in common.  They are all less than $20.00!  Now that is giving your customers a lot of bang for their buck!  Here are a few of my favorite selections.  But, remember, they are arriving any day so order them now so you will be the first one to showcase them.

Many of you have been acquiring a large selection of solids.  Simply Solids has 12 different projects that feature these fabrics and should be on permanent display right beside them!

Item #141342  Retail $15.95

Your customers will buy this book just for the cover!  How cute are those booties?  And this book gives you one more reason to stock fleece!  It isn’t just for backings any more!

Item #DO5392  Retail $19.99

A relatively new pre-cut is the 2 1/2″ squares.  This book by Moose on the Porch uses these squares to make six mini quilts and a bonus baby quilt!

Item #MPQMM1  Retail $11.95

Carolyn Forster has created a beautiful selection of projects that feature 2 1/2″ strips!

Item #SP754-7  Retail $12.95

Pincushions are always popular and this book has a great variety – pick out one for each of your sewing friends!

Item #SP822-3  Retail $12.95

These are the types of books that you buy by the dozen and are great counter displays!