Encore Please!

Now the ever-popular BQ5 quilt by Maple Island Quilts has a baby sister.

Small off-center focus with the flat top pinwheel as the accent. You can use one center fabric like the pumpkins on the cover or many centers like the table runner on the cover. The blocks are smaller than the original BQ5: 9″ and 4 ½” which is why my friend Heide had the great idea for the title BQ5 Encore!

The same blocks can be made in a-4 1/2 or 9-inch size.

Instructions include 2 quilt sizes in the 9″ block size, 27″ x 36″ and 36″ x 45″, or a table runner in the 4 1/2″ block size, 12″ x 48″.

The original pattern includes instructions for 18″ and 13-1/2″ and 6 quilts from wall/crib to queen. What a great pattern to showcase large prints!

Maple Island patterns are up-tempo and slightly contemporary quilt patterns that are fun to stitch and achievable for most skill levels. They often use clever cutting but traditional stitching and quilting techniques.

These are bold looks and clean design lines that allow you to put your own look into the quilt through fabric selection, block rotations, or placement. Maple Island Quilts patterns usually feature multiple sizes of projects and sometimes extra block sizes giving you many options from each pattern.

The new baby sister size will be available next month so place your orders now.

Think Gifts

We are all in this together and are probably experiencing the same issues. The only full load of laundry I have run since this started was a load of jammies! And the facial recognition on my phone didn’t recognize me this morning. Times are tough so what is a gal to do?

Crisscross Apron

I’m reverting back to my grandmother’s time and making aprons for my friends. Let’s face it – we are spending a lot more time in the kitchen and with everyone home, cleaning has become a daily chore so the pockets are great. An added bonus? No one can tell if you are wearing a bra!

It takes just two yards of fabric – one for each side – and it is fully reversible.

Or, make this apron from Terry Atkinson. It comes in three sizes – from toddler to adult. Haven’t you always wanted to make matching aprons for that Christmas cookie party? Well now is the time! This one has big pockets as well – perfect for picking up all of the stuff that is laying around!

Mom & Me Aprons

Want a little something to add to it to make them smile?

Myrtle The Turtle

This new pattern by Susie C. Shore Designs is due to arrive April 20th.

This new table runner pattern is due to arrive at the end of April – and I love that it is fast, easy but looks dramatic when featuring one of your favorite fabrics. You know the ones – the fabrics you can’t stand to cut into little pieces!

BQ Double Time

This new design by Maple Island Quilts is stunning! These are all easy to kit and would easily fit in a large envelope for shipping so why not offer them to your customers today?