Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Fabric Line

I love the soft pastels and whimsical designs on this latest line from Camelot Fabrics. There are basically five prints – one set is predominantly pink, the other five are predominantly blue. And since the case pack has 10 yard bolts, it is oh sew affordable.

Assortment Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, 10pcs x 10yds

Just look at all of the pretties:

Aim for the Stars
Love You So
Love You to the Moon

Individual bolts are 15 yard bolts. This sweet line will be available in May so place your orders now.

Diamond Dotz

These painting kits by Camelot Fabrics include everything you need to create your own work of art. This is a new experience for me so I have already pre-ordered three to do with my grandchildren!

The Child Dotz Box 11in x 11in

Each kit contains:
– 1 piece of high-quality color printed fabric
– DIAMOND DOTZ® pre-sorted by shade
– 1 piece each DIAMOND DOTZ® Craft Tray, Stylus, Soft Grip & Wax

There are 65 different designs to choose from. Here are some of the most popular:

Spiderman Dotz Box 11in x 11in

Daffy Duck Diamond Painting Kit 12.6in x 12.6in
Hogwarts Crest Diamond Painting Kit 20.4in x 27.5in
Boy and Girl Gazing at the Moon Diamond Painting Kit 20.5in x 26.4in

Visit our website to see the entire collection. They are due to arrive at the end of March so order them now!