Whisper Color Unlocks the Potential

The first time I saw a Silhouette Cameo demonstrated at Market, my head was spinning with the possibilities.  Laurel Anderson of Whisper Color put it all together to create these stunning works of art.

Each pattern includes a CD so that the pieces can be cut with the Silhouette.  Laurel treats the fabric with Terial Magic (Item #TM11001).  For those of you who are not familiar with this product, it is like starch on steroids!  When fabric is treated with this product, the cuts are precise with little fraying.

These patterns include fusible, turned edge and 3D effects created with the Terial Magic treated fabric.  This truly is a marriage made in heaven!

Geraniums measures 32″ x 44″.


Item #WC11126  Retail $19.99

Spring Bouquet measures 20″ x 24″.


Item #WC10945  Retail $21.99

French Doors measures 34″ x 64″.  Talk about making a statement!


Item #WC10976  Retail $27.99

Gladiolas measures an impressive 30 1/2″ x 72″.  What a great addition to a foyer or hall!


Item #WC10983  Retail $27.99

Since all of the pieces are cut out by the Silhouette (Item #CAMEO-CHECK2), these are works of art that you could actually complete!

Thanks for the Memories – Open House in Pictures – Part Three

The vendors went above and beyond to make our customers feel welcome.  They are the heart of the event…

Kathleen and Pat are the ladies behind the scenes that make Cut Loose Press a reality…


Terry – the creator of Terial Magic shared all of the uses for this “super starch” that totally washes out – amazing….


Debra from Zebra Patterns shared many of her block of the month programs – as well as the new shop program, Post Card Party….


Janet Lutz – the shop owner who developed and launched the Row by Row Experience – single-handedly made shops profitable this summer…








Jessi from Lumi shared her sun activated dyes – the first dyes that are truly user friendly….



I spent way too much time in the Mettler booth talking to Phil Newton – who is an expert on thread….


Susan Cleveland of Pieces be with You accents her pieces with exquisite piping and shared the technique with our customers….


Lanette Edens demonstrated a host of notions as well as the Gypsy Quilter products….


Diane and Dotti of Graphic Impressions hosted a Toy Shop for those impulse sales at the register…




Deborah and Adam of Plum Easy shared their pin cushion and hot pad patterns that are always int he top 20, along with walnut shells….




Stephanie Prescott of Quilter’s Dream has an amazing sense of color – and it shines through in her fabrics and patterns….


Everything is bigger in Texas – except Kay Whitt of Serendipity!  This diminuative lady has a dramatic sense of style and showed shop owners how to incorporate garment sewing into their business…








F & W Media shared the details of a new magazine program geared for shops….










Learning opportunities were everywhere!

Why Everyone Needs Terial Magic

This is one of those products that has taken on a life of its own!  Once quilters got their hands on it, they discovered its versatility – and it has been flying off the shelves ever since!


Item #TM1101  Retail $14.95 (24 oz.)

Item #TM11003  Retail $59.99 (Gallon)

A gallon treats approximately 20 – 24 yards of fabric.  Consider it a “super starch”.  When treated, the fabric holds its shape.  It stabilizes the fabric so fusibles are no longer necessary.  The treated fabric has additional body so appliques maintain their shapes and don’t fray.  Place with a dab of glue and stitch in place.  Terial Arts washes out so there is no bulk or stiffness usually associated with stabilizers!  Is that cool, or what!

I just got a Silhouette machine.  By treating the fabric before running it through the machine, the fabric cuts are perfect with no fraying – and they release easily from the cutting mat. Machine Embroider the shapes with no puckering or stiffness!

Want to create quilt labels on matching fabric?  Treat the fabric and run it through an ink jet printer.

My favorite use???  When creating story boards out of fabric, the step by steps are perfect and maintain their shape.  And, once again – NO FRAYING!  Unbelievable!

But for art quilters, this fabric can be manipulated into amazing shapes to create beautiful flowers!  Here is just a sampling:



Item #TM21016  Retail $12.95



Item #TM21015  Retail $12.95



Item #TM21018  Retail $12.95

Come to the Checker Open House to experience everything this product can do!

Create Magic with Terial Magic

Think of Terial Magic as a very sturdy spray starch.  It turns any single ply fabric into a workable medium.  After spraying, the fabric holds fold and pleats – and gathers beautifully.  The fabric is now fray resistant so any fabrics work – but batiks are wonderful!  And, if you don’t like the finished results and want to try again, it simply washes out!

Item #TM11001  Retail $14.95

There are several patterns showcasing this product.  Make your own “silk flowers” to match your decor.  Terial Girls includes patterns for both four inch and seven inch versions.

Item #TM21011  Retail $12.95

Calla Lillies:

Item #TM21012  Retail $12.95


Item #TM21013  Retail $12.95


Item #TM21014  Retail $12.95

Item #TM21015  Retail $12.95

Item #TM21016  Retail $12.95


Item #TM21017  Retail $12.95


Item #TM21018  Retail $12.95

They also supply the tools you need to make hair clips, shoe clips, and flower wire:

Item #TM61011  Retail $4.95

Item #TM61012  Retail $4.95

Item #TM61013  Retail $4.95

Why not make your own flowers to embellish your projects?  What a gorgeous way to showcase your talents!