The Best Selection of Wool – Period!

I love In the Patch’s wool.  Phyllis Meering owns a shop so she KNOWS how to add eye appeal to every product she offers.  A display of her wools is affordable AND will soon have more options!

This month she is adding “Corders” – her version of a quarter yard of wool.


Item #WCY15907  Retail $24.95

This is the difference – Phyllis dyes the wool first, then felts it, THEN cuts it!  That means you get a full 9″ x approximately 50″.  We say approximately 50″ because depending on whether she is dying a heather, ivory or plaid base, the width could vary.  50″ is the LEAST that any will measure after felting.

Other companies cut AND then felt so you never know how much you are actually getting.

The basics are $24.95 a quarter of a yard.  The hand-dyes are $29.99.  The hand-dyed versions are available in three different variations.  Phyllis starts with a solid ivory, a heather, or a plaid.  That’s all you need to know!  We will change the images on our website as Phyllis submits them after she dyes each color.  In the meantime, the colors are correct – add a P for Plaid; an I for a solid ivory base; and an H for a heather base (which includes those little nubs and textures).

All of these colors are also available as Chubbies and Charm Pack.  Phyllis will have a display at Market showcasing everything.  Her booth is truly eye candy – why not add some eye candy to your shop today?

Join us at Market for these Fantastic Take and Teach Sessions

Kathy Brown




You asked. We listened. Join us for these mini-classes taught by our Creative Grids® design team and Phyllis Meiring of In the Patch Designs. Learn how to teach, demonstrate, and market – as well as up-sell to increase sales with companion patterns & notions.

Saturday, October 25 8:00-9:30 a.m.
#324. Last Minute Christmas Class
Karen Montgomery of The Quilt Company shows how to combine Creative Grids® “Scrap Crazy 6” blocks and Christmas fabric. Schedule the perfect demo or class for your shop. Sell machines? Use this project to demonstrate the stitches on every quilter’s favorite Christmas present! Sewing machine and kits provided. Bring basic sewing supplies.

#325. Maximize Profits with Creative Grids
Jean Ann Wright shares how one simple technique can be the basis for a multitude of different blocks. Demonstrate one and sell them all! Learn the technique by making blocks with her latest ruler being released at this Market. Maximize profits with demos, patterns & fabric. Sewing machine and kits provided. Bring basic sewing supplies including a marking pen.

Sunday, October 26 8:00-9:30 a.m.
#422 Minis Are Hot!
Your favorite “Teacher’s Pet,” Kathy Brown, continues the Strip Smart craze by showing how to make gorgeous minis the easy way with her brand-new Creative Grids® ruler. Learn how to create complicated quilts with simple techniques in just a few hours.

#423. Welcome to Stripology Class!
Meet the newest member of the Creative Grids® design team – Gudrun Erla of GE Designs. Learn how to use her brand new Creative Grids® ruler to create a class or demo series. Work on class or demo samples for fantastic strip quilts from her new self-published book and Cut Loose Press™ pattern. Sewing machine provided.

#424. Wool Projects That Will Increase Your Sales
Phyllis Meiring of In the Patch Designs will show you how to create a wool program for your store. Thanks to her pre-cuts, it is very affordable. Learn how to create micro-kits with Cut Loose Press™ patterns for fast and reasonably priced wool projects. Bring basic sewing supplies.

Monday, October 27 8:00-9:30 a.m.
#515. Play Before You Pay
Rita Fishel will show you how to demonstrate the latest members of the Creative Grids® family. Use storyboards as a silent salesman in your shop. Learn how to increase sales by showcasing notions and companion patterns along the way.

#516. The Complete Package – Notions, Patterns, Kits
Spend the morning with Penny Haren and learn how to use Cut Loose Press™ patterns to their best advantage: how to kit, how to demo, how to display and how to increase sales!

Enroll today at

Put this on the top of your to-do list today!  Space is limited.

Meet the Vendors – Part Two

It’s all about the details – and here are some tips I learned from the vendors that I can’t wait to share with my students!  Teachable moments like these will keep your customers coming back for more….

Julie Creuz of La Todera

Julie is the expert in three dimensional flowers in the industry.  Many of her patterns are great Make and Takes for your Christmas Open Houses.  Teach them how to make one – no machines required – and they will be making them for everyone on their gift list:  //

2013-08-19 01.31.05

Aurifil Threads

Threads have taken on a life of their own – and the folks at Aurifil have all of the answers!  When should you use a 50 weight; 40 weight; 12 weight – cotton or polyester – and why!  They have it all:  //

2013-08-19 01.30.41


Phyllis and Mitch Meiring of In the Patches

Phyllis has taught me that packaging DOES matter – and her wools are packaged so expertly that customers just can’t resist.  If you are hesitant about getting into wools, try the chunks.  These assortments are created for specific holidays and seasons:  //  (That is Renee – their assistant buyer sandwiched between them!)

2013-08-19 01.29.25

Gudrun Erla of GE Designs

Gudrun has that unique ability to transition between Modern and Traditional so her designs appeal to everyone!  In her new book, for instance, she creates a circle effect using a traditional Cathedral Window technique:  //

2013-08-19 01.22.24


Roland Burdion of Bosal

If you aren’t stocking their pre-cut placemats in every size, you are missing sales – plain and simple.  They were literally flying out the door!  A set of four is less than a yard of fabric:  //

2013-08-18 20.12.44

These vendors shared enough ideas and tips to fill an entire roster of classes and demos…..but there are more…..