Three Dimensional Art Meets Quilts

Kristine Poor of Poorhouse Quilts has mastered the art of working with the form-able stabilizer by Bosal.  Last Fall you fell in love with her molded leaves….


Item #PQD176  $9.00

This year, she has outdone herself.  These pumpkins are adorable – and the leaves are moldable as well!  What a great class – what a great gift – what a great opportunity to teach your customers about this product!


Once your customers love the product and have mastered the technique, you can move on to moldable flowers just in time for Christmas…poinsettias that don’t need watered!


Item #PQD178  Retail $9.00

All of these projects use the moldable stabilizer by Bosal:


Item #491B  $19.99

Kristine loves adding dimension to everything she does – including quilts.  These blocks look like Cathedral Windows – but are super simple!  Her grandmother would have been proud – and kicking herself that she didn’t think of it!  This is a great demo.  Why not kit the projects and demonstrate the technique for those Fall events?  The place mat is dramatic and will fit into any decor – and can be completed in just a few hours…



Item #PQD170  Retail $9.00

The same technique is used in all of these decorations….


Item #PQD180  Retail $9.00

Now that you have the tree skirt and mantle decorated, why not move on to ornaments?  These would be great for a quick Take and Teach session.


Item #PQD185  Retail $9.00

Don’t you love it – projects that work for demos, classes, and kits!!!

Meet the Vendors – Part Three

Karen Kay & Joseph Buckley

Her scissors are simply amazing – and the new 6″ size with the cushioned handles are spectacular.  And, your customers want more than one – one for their sewing basket, one for their sewing room, one for their sewing machine….//

2013-08-18 20.14.11


Margaret Travis & Marie Darrow of Eazy Peazy Quilts

Her book – Eazy Peazy Gifts sold out early because it is lots of fast, simple gift items that can be made with a minimum of fabric and a maximum of charm.  And, each gift can also be used to demonstrate a variety of techniques – a home run for any shop owner!!!

2013-08-18 20.12.59

Carol McLeod of Auntie’s Two

Carol makes a living by creating techniques for adults – based on the childhood memories we all share!  Who doesn’t remember weaving pot holders on a little metal frame?  I was fascinated with the adult version – it will make your customers smile as well:  //

2013-08-19 01.31.53

Ericka Wright and Jessica Herning of Violette Fields

2013-08-17 20.49.36


Their children’s clothing is not just adorable – it is DOable!  I was blown away when I saw the high quality pamphlet in each pattern that showed step by step how to make their darling clothes.  Even a beginning seamstress will be successful.  Check this out:  //



Kathy McGee of Hemma Designs

Kathy specializes in storage containers and organizational projects that your customers will love.  She used oil cloth in some of her projects and said that it was very easy to work with because it doesn’t ravel or fray – an added bonus that never occurred to me!  You con’t have to finish the seams….//

2013-08-19 01.17.22


Kimberly Jolly, Sarah Price, and Jocelyn Ueng of It’s Sew Emma

These ladies have figured out how to make the most of the pre-cut market and have incorporated it into their patterns and books – and using their books and patterns, you can too:  //

2013-08-18 20.14.28-1


More vendors, more displays, more quilts, and more pictures next week – an event this big just can’t be covered in one post!



2013-08-17 20.49.36



2013-08-17 20.49.11




2013-08-18 20.14.28-1


2013-08-19 01.17.22

Meet the Vendors – Part Two

It’s all about the details – and here are some tips I learned from the vendors that I can’t wait to share with my students!  Teachable moments like these will keep your customers coming back for more….

Julie Creuz of La Todera

Julie is the expert in three dimensional flowers in the industry.  Many of her patterns are great Make and Takes for your Christmas Open Houses.  Teach them how to make one – no machines required – and they will be making them for everyone on their gift list:  //

2013-08-19 01.31.05

Aurifil Threads

Threads have taken on a life of their own – and the folks at Aurifil have all of the answers!  When should you use a 50 weight; 40 weight; 12 weight – cotton or polyester – and why!  They have it all:  //

2013-08-19 01.30.41


Phyllis and Mitch Meiring of In the Patches

Phyllis has taught me that packaging DOES matter – and her wools are packaged so expertly that customers just can’t resist.  If you are hesitant about getting into wools, try the chunks.  These assortments are created for specific holidays and seasons:  //  (That is Renee – their assistant buyer sandwiched between them!)

2013-08-19 01.29.25

Gudrun Erla of GE Designs

Gudrun has that unique ability to transition between Modern and Traditional so her designs appeal to everyone!  In her new book, for instance, she creates a circle effect using a traditional Cathedral Window technique:  //

2013-08-19 01.22.24


Roland Burdion of Bosal

If you aren’t stocking their pre-cut placemats in every size, you are missing sales – plain and simple.  They were literally flying out the door!  A set of four is less than a yard of fabric:  //

2013-08-18 20.12.44

These vendors shared enough ideas and tips to fill an entire roster of classes and demos…..but there are more…..


Meet the Vendors – Part One

My favorite part of Open House is working with our vendors!  It is like going to summer camp.  Within three days, we all become friends and establish relationships that will benefit the entire industry for years to come!  And, then we get to share our friends with you!!!

Our event is different because it is all based on education!  All of the vendors are there to answer questions, teach you about their products, and give you demo and class ideas that you can take back to your shops and embrace immediately!  Why not learn from the best????  I will go into more detail about each vendor in later posts, but I couldn’t resist sharing more pictures of an incredible event – and my favorite tip!

Marti Michel

Marti gave a lecture on Sunday and had a booth so she could share her products, demos and class ideas one on one with our customers for two days!  She has so many products, I can’t simply focus on one:  //

2013-08-19 01.18.51


Annie Unrein of Patterns by Annie

Annie gave a Saturday lecture and also manned a booth for two days.  I learned so much from her!  Did you know that her zippers have wider tape on each side so you can sew a one quarter inch seam on each side without hitting the zipper pull or stop????  Genius:  //

2013-08-19 01.41.47


Kathy and Gerald Purdy of Steady Betty

These folks drove all the way from Texas to take part in this event – and were an absolute delight.  I love all of their products but did not know if I press machine or hand embroidery on their pressing pads,there is no puckering or shadow through – and they hold the fabric when hooping!  To see all of their products:  //

2013-08-19 01.34.09


Sue Marsh and Bernie Wing of Whistlepig Creek

Their iPad or Kindle cover is the perfect class for quick and easy Christmas presents.  It is a great opportunity to teach your customers about interfacings – and the cover can be embellished in a multitude of ways.  Your customers will be making them by the dozen!  You will love their other patterns and books as well:  //

2013-08-19 01.20.09


Sue and Herb Hausmann

Sue can sell anything because she knows the best products – and can tell you why you need them!  Her tip – the Frixion pens now come in clickable versions.  In Sue’s words, “Why would you buy the other version when you loose the cap all of the time?”  Well, Sue, good point:  //

2013-08-19 01.33.23


Susan O’Very of Sealed with a Stitch

I don’t have an embroidery machine – but now I want one!  Susan’s designs are so well done and reasonably priced that all shops should carry them!  Even if you don’t sell machines, your customers own them – so why not have them buy the supporting products from you???  Her quilt label designs are the perfect demo to sell machines:  //

2013-08-19 01.26.04


If I wouldn’t have come to the Open House, I wouldn’t have learned any of these hints…and each one can be the teachable moment that sets your classes apart from the competition!  It is worth the trip!!!  Join us next year – August 24 – 25, 2014.


Open House – Thanks for the Memories

We want to thank all of you for the phenomenal response to our 65th Anniversary Open House.  Sometimes bigger is better – we had more vendors participating, more shops attending, standing room only school houses, and even added classes on Saturday – which were sold out as well.  The response was simply amazing!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so this post is priceless…..

2013-08-16 09.44.29

Creative Grids Event on Saturday



On Saturday, we hosted a Creative Grids event to our top selling Creative Grids shops.  Three Creative Grids designers – Carolyn Griffin, Penny Haren and Karen Montgomery showed how to use six of the new rulers.  There was even time to sew…




School Houses on Sunday


Marti Michel, Sue Hausmann, Annie Unrein, and Checker Tech hosted school houses…



And sew it begins….These ladies arrived early so they could be the first in the door!  They pre-registered so there really is no waiting in line.  They were all shopping within minutes after this picture was taken!

The Lunchroom

Many of our vendors were kind enough to send samples of their projects so we could transform our warehouse into a work of art…









2013-08-16 09.30.16

2013-08-16 09.30.55

2013-08-16 09.31.47

2013-08-16 09.31.20

2013-08-16 09.38.37

But, let’s face it – lunch IS about the food – and the barbecue buffet was a hit!










And there was plenty to go around!












End Caps

The end of every fabric aisle was decorated as well…eye candy for the soul….

2013-08-16 09.40.56

2013-08-16 09.40.30

2013-08-16 09.40.18

2013-08-16 09.40.02

Brad Krieger bought tons of fabric – and even helped stock the shelves prior to the event.

2013-08-16 09.39.37

But, lets face it – it is all about the shopping and by the looks of these carts, these ladies shopped until they dropped!

2013-08-18 11.11.41

With Sue and Herb’s permission, I share the perfect ending to this post!  Thank you to all of our vendors – we couldn’t have done it without you!  Herb and Sue, for instance, drove for three days from Arizona to participate.  So, what is a husband do when his wife is demonstrating and he has been driving 36 hours???





I will share more pictures next week – but for now, thanks to everyone – and thanks for the memories!!!















Loft Creations adds that AWE factor

Just look at the details on these purses!  What an opportunity to offer a series of classes that combine techniques with instant gratification.

The Dresden Plate detailing on this purse adds terrific detailing AND provides an opportunity for a teachable moment….

Ladyfingers & Sugar Baby


Item #LC103  Retail $10.00

The Hailee Bag uses wide rickrack to add a touch of whimsy.


Item #LC105  Retail $9.00

Caity-Did features a pocket with bias tape criss-crosses…


Item #LC117  Retail $9.00

Loft Tote has an off-center design that adds interest and contrast to a basic bag.


Item #LC108  Retail $9.00

Stephanie Dunphy brings this same eye for detail to her quilt designs as well.  “String Beans” features an elongated shoo fly block that gives the block a whole new modern look.


Item #LC114  Retail $9.00

“Sparkle Plenty” is a dramatic example of color placement.  Combining brights with blacks is always a win/win.


Item #LC113  Retail $9.00

And, who wouldn’t want to live on Peek-a-Boo Street?  Once again, wide rickrack adds a decorative touch to an otherwise simple sashing treatment.












Item #LC116  Retail $10.50

Come and meet Stephanie at the Open House and learn how to add that finishing touch to these projects which are sure to be customer favorites!



Congratulations Gudrun of GE Designs

Gudrun moved to the United State 10 years ago this month – and we are thrilled that she brought her creativity to us!  Her first pattern – Braid Runner – is still her number one seller.


Item #GE101  Retail $8.00

Gudrun continues to grow as an artist and – even though her style is constantly evolving – the patterns are instantly recognizable as her own.  Her latest book combines her unique geometric style.  In ” fast & furious”, the projects showcase a sleek, modern look that give a hint of the original roots.  As a traditional quilter, the cover of the book brings to mind a Dresden Plate – but this sleek, modern version fits in any decor.


Item #GE507  Retail $18.00

Hexagons are gaining in popularity and once again, Gudrun is on the cutting edge.  These place mats would be at home on any table.



If you know a girl under six, you know that they all want to be princesses.  Disney couldn’t be happier!  This quilt would be loved by every princess in your life!



These wall hangings are simply works of art!




In “Big  Blocks Big Style” Gudrun has combined nine different projects in a variety of sizes.  Sometimes bigger is better!


Item #GE506  Retail $20.00

The high contrast in the fabrics in this quilt make it the perfect choice for a back to school quilt.  This version would make any Buckeye fan drool….


She gave pyramids a whole new look.  Who can resist this interpretation of 60 degrees???


Sew simple – and sew striking…


And, yes, hexagons work up quickly in “big” as well.







Come celebrate with Gudrun at our Open House August 18 and 19, 2013.  Let her explain how easy it is to construct these projects from strips.



Eazy Peazy + Placemats = Eazy Sales

Margaret Travis has become the queen of place mats!  Combining her simple, easy patterns with the Bosal pre-cut placemats was a marriage made in heaven…

These place mats feature the oval version that comes in a package of four.


Item #PM-1B  Retail $9.00

Sun’s Up


Item #EPQ126  Retail $9.00


Item #CLPMTR002

Round place mats have become very popular – and so have the pre-cuts forms to make them.


Item #PM-3B  Retail $9.00


Item #EPQ128  Retail $9.00


Item #EPQ130  Retail $9.00


Item #EPQ129  Retail $9.00

And, now Bosal has added the increasing popular hexagon to it’s collection….










Item #PM-5B  Retail $12.99


Item #EPQ134 Retail $9.00

Many of these patterns also include instructions for coasters.  To view all of Margaret’s patterns, visit our website at:  //

Yes, Bosal has those too.  Visit our website to view all of the products:  //

Come visit Margaret and the folks from Bosal at our Open House.  Why not talk to the experts – and find out how to turn quick easy projects into full classes and sales in your store!








It’s Sew Emma Makes a Splash

It’s Sew Emma has exploded on the scene and has produced some spectacular patterns and books.  Come see them at the Open House and see why their projects should be showcased in your Fall teaching schedule.

They have followed the success of their first book – Simply Fat Quarters – with this newest addition:  Quilty Fun,  It should arrive just in time for the Open House.  Why not be the first shop to offer autographed copies???


Item #ISE902  Retail $27.95

Display it with this proven winner:


Item #ISE901  Retail $19.95

Many of their patterns would be spectacular in the new Christmas prints that have just arrived.  Patchwork Forest is a great choice:


Item #ISE129  Retail $9.00

Why not turn Little Town into a Christmas Village?


Item #ISE126  Retail $9.00


They have teamed up with Holly Holderman of Lakehouse Dry Goods who has designed some incredible patterns featuring her bright, happy prints.

Or showcase those Christmas fabrics in Rosemary & Thyme:


Item #ISE133  Retail $9.00

They have teamed up with Holly Holderman of Lakehouse Dry Goods as well….These are bright and happy!  The butterfly quilt is the cutest child’s quilt that I have seen in a long time!  And, what a great quilt for kitting!


Item #LHP1205  Retail $9.00

Or make this Pennant quilt – again, a great quilt to kit!


Item #LHP1206  Retail $9.00

These fabrics are wonderful choices for pillow cases as well.  Why not teach a child to sew???

All of their quilts have a certain awe factor that will have your customers coming back for more!












Lunch Box Quilts – Machine Appliques for Every Occasion

If you sell machines, these patterns are a no-brainer!  If you don’t, many are also available as traditional patterns.  Whether you choose the USB version or the traditional, your customers will love them.

They are coming to the Open House and will have some new designs that are impossible to resist!

The designs in Island Breeze are wonderful as an entire quilt and the individual elements would be great embellishments on just about everything!  Don’t you love the border???


Item #QPB1  Retail $45.00

Halloween is the second most popular holiday – and it is just around the corner.  This quilt will be the feature of any holiday display!












Item #QPHF1  Retail $45.00 (with USB)

Item #CQPHF1  Retail $18.00

And then there is Christmas….

Item #QPMC1  Retail $45.00 (with USB)
Item #CQPMC1  Retail $18.00

But, I think my favorite is this quilt.  It is always so hard to find great quilts for men – and this one is perfect.  But it would also be at home in a den or cabin!









Item #QPAT1  Retail $50.00 (USB)
Item #CQPAT1  Retail $18.00

There are also templates available for these patterns so that the designs are centered perfectly on the background fabric.  Come see how the whole system works together at our Open House.