Critters, and Monsters, and Monkeys Oh My!

I was lucky enough to speak and demo at the Shipshewana Quilt Festival right along side of Margaret Travis of Eazy Peazy Quilts.  This woman rocked it!  She sold out of everything!!!  The only thing behind her were empty hooks!

EPQ153   EPQ154 (1)

Her new Zip It Critters and Zip It Monsters patterns were the hit of the show – and are so easy to make with the Bosal eight inch round shapes that are fusible on both sides.  You can make two monsters from each pack.


Be sure to order plenty of her other patterns that use these circles as well.  These don’t include zippers so for those who are intimidated by the Z word, these may be a great starting point.  At this class you can remove the intimidation factor by showing how easy it is to incorporate zippers into this project!

EPQ144   EPQ147

Or introduce this technique with one of her Cut Loose Press™ patterns.



Why not introduce these as a mother/daughter class this summer?  They can learn how to sew zippers; make bias binding; and applique – and finish the project in class!  Hang them from their book bag for a great way to store lunch money or notes that need returned to the teacher!

“Round Up” these Projects in an Afternoon

The latest Creative Grids “Round Up” tool designed by Terry Atkinson is so popular that two of our favorite designers have used it in their own projects.  


Item #CGRATK1  Retail $22.45

This place mat designed by Margaret Travis is so fast and simple that you won’t make just one…or two…or four….

Berries and Leaves Place Mat


Item #CLPMTR014

This table runner by Deb Heatherly  is a simple version of an old fashioned Cathedral Window pattern — and so much easier!



Item #CLPDHE007      

Or combine this tool with the Strippy Stars Tool for a spectacular effect…

Blooming Stars Runner






Item #CLPDHE008



Item #CGRDH2  Retail $17.95

Display these with Terry’s patterns to create a complete display.  All, can be completed in an afternoon…










Item #CLPTAK002

Orange Peel Table Runner

So striking – and a great way to show off some machine quilting!










Item #CLPTAK001

Krista’s Kitchen Hot Pads

I used this pattern as a Make It/Take It in a class last month.  Ten women went home and made 56 more for gifts!  Now that is a great pattern!










Item #ATK183  Retail $9.50

Terry’s Table Placemats

Can’t you picture these on a table with your favorite Fiestaware?  Mixing and matching is even more fun.


Item #ATK184  Retail $9.50


The colors in these baby quilts are the perfect choice for the new generations of babies!


Item #ATK185  Retail $9.50

Why not let your customers enjoy creating a project in an afternoon!

The Animals have Taken over the Kitchen!

Margaret Travis of Eazy Peazy has a whimsical sense of humor which is evident in her new line of Mug Rug patterns.  Whether you want to use them as small place mats or coasters, they are guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Commemorate a trip to the Zoo with these fun loving guys – a monkey, a hippo, a tiger and a giraffe could be gracing your table by this afternoon!


Item #EPQ145  Retail $9.00

Or take a trip to the farm….if that farm raises pigs, goats, roosters and ducks….


Item #EPQ144  Retail $9.00

Or why not some of each????


Item #EPQ147  Retail $9.00

All of these patterns are designed to work with the Bosal Mug Rug packages – which come four to a pack.


Item #MRS12CIRCLE  $5.99

What a great summer mother/daughter class!  This is the perfect opportunity to play with all of those decorative stitches on their sewing machines. They could make one start to finish and complete the entire menagerie at home.

Or, get them started with the Cut Loose Press pattern….


Item #CLPMTR011

Once they see how easy these are, they may want to move onto a car organizer….


Item #EPQ142  Retail $9.00

This pattern uses the Bosal rectangle place mats as a base.


Item #PM-1B  Retail $9.72

Who could stop at just one?

Spark your Creativity with Cut Loose Press – Part One

There are several new Cut Loose Press patterns that feature Creative Grids rulers – a marriage made in heaven!  These reasonably prices patterns are great support for our specialty rulers.

Spinning Stars by Carl Hentsch is fun and easy when using the Creative Grids 120 degree (Item #CGR120R Retail $26.45) and 60 degree ruler (CGRT60  Retail $18.95). Hexagons are all the rave – and combining these rulers takes them to a whole new size!  All I can say is WOW!!!


Item #CLPCHE001  

Margaret Travis has created Huggy Muggie Ruggies that are fast and simple when you use the Creative Grids Pineapple Trim Tool (CGRJAW3 Retail $23.45).









Item #CLPMTR007  

Gudrun Erla is a gadget guru who brings them to life.  Winding Row features the Creative Grids Spider Web ruler (CGRKA6  Retail $21.45).










Item #CLPGER004

Hannah Rae showcases the Circle Savvy ruler Item #CGRSAV1 Retail $36.45) in Twerp – a darling baby quilt…










Item #CLPHRA002

Why not set up a display of the rulers and patterns – and host a demonstration soon?  There is plenty of additional support for all of these rulers so your customers won’t know which pattern to make first!

Meet the Vendors – Part Three

Karen Kay & Joseph Buckley

Her scissors are simply amazing – and the new 6″ size with the cushioned handles are spectacular.  And, your customers want more than one – one for their sewing basket, one for their sewing room, one for their sewing machine….//

2013-08-18 20.14.11


Margaret Travis & Marie Darrow of Eazy Peazy Quilts

Her book – Eazy Peazy Gifts sold out early because it is lots of fast, simple gift items that can be made with a minimum of fabric and a maximum of charm.  And, each gift can also be used to demonstrate a variety of techniques – a home run for any shop owner!!!

2013-08-18 20.12.59

Carol McLeod of Auntie’s Two

Carol makes a living by creating techniques for adults – based on the childhood memories we all share!  Who doesn’t remember weaving pot holders on a little metal frame?  I was fascinated with the adult version – it will make your customers smile as well:  //

2013-08-19 01.31.53

Ericka Wright and Jessica Herning of Violette Fields

2013-08-17 20.49.36


Their children’s clothing is not just adorable – it is DOable!  I was blown away when I saw the high quality pamphlet in each pattern that showed step by step how to make their darling clothes.  Even a beginning seamstress will be successful.  Check this out:  //



Kathy McGee of Hemma Designs

Kathy specializes in storage containers and organizational projects that your customers will love.  She used oil cloth in some of her projects and said that it was very easy to work with because it doesn’t ravel or fray – an added bonus that never occurred to me!  You con’t have to finish the seams….//

2013-08-19 01.17.22


Kimberly Jolly, Sarah Price, and Jocelyn Ueng of It’s Sew Emma

These ladies have figured out how to make the most of the pre-cut market and have incorporated it into their patterns and books – and using their books and patterns, you can too:  //

2013-08-18 20.14.28-1


More vendors, more displays, more quilts, and more pictures next week – an event this big just can’t be covered in one post!



2013-08-17 20.49.36



2013-08-17 20.49.11




2013-08-18 20.14.28-1


2013-08-19 01.17.22

Eazy Peazy + Placemats = Eazy Sales

Margaret Travis has become the queen of place mats!  Combining her simple, easy patterns with the Bosal pre-cut placemats was a marriage made in heaven…

These place mats feature the oval version that comes in a package of four.


Item #PM-1B  Retail $9.00

Sun’s Up


Item #EPQ126  Retail $9.00


Item #CLPMTR002

Round place mats have become very popular – and so have the pre-cuts forms to make them.


Item #PM-3B  Retail $9.00


Item #EPQ128  Retail $9.00


Item #EPQ130  Retail $9.00


Item #EPQ129  Retail $9.00

And, now Bosal has added the increasing popular hexagon to it’s collection….










Item #PM-5B  Retail $12.99


Item #EPQ134 Retail $9.00

Many of these patterns also include instructions for coasters.  To view all of Margaret’s patterns, visit our website at:  //

Yes, Bosal has those too.  Visit our website to view all of the products:  //

Come visit Margaret and the folks from Bosal at our Open House.  Why not talk to the experts – and find out how to turn quick easy projects into full classes and sales in your store!








Book Signings at Market

Checker is sponsoring several book signings during Market.  Come visit with these talented artists who will share their incredible talents!



Kay Whitt will be sharing and signing her new book – Sewing with Serendipity!

Item #V7974  Retail $22.95

12:30 p.m.

Nancy Halvorsen will showcase Ho Ho Ho, Let It Snow Here

Item #ATH548B  Retail $19.00


Margaret Travis is sharing projects from her book – EZ Peazy Gifts and her Cut Loose Press patterns.
Item #151052  Retail $9.95

Join your favorite Swirly Girls as they share their newest book – Sew Sweet….
Item #SGDSS01  $21.95

Pam Lintott  will be signing the latest addition to their ever popular Jelly Roll series – Dessert Roll Quilts.
Item #U4817  Retail $24.95
Kathy Brown   is sharing her new book Fat-Quarter Quickies  – based on her Fat Quarter Creative Grids ruler….
Item #B1171T  Retail $16.99


Joan Ford is signing her new book – Scraps Plus One!
Item #071430  Retail $24.95
First come, first served!

Eazy Peazy Gifts in Less than Two Hours

This is one of those books that should be on the shelf in every quilter’s library!  It is the perfect source for patterns for those times when you just want to give “a little something” – and no matter what the occasion, Margaret has the gift!

Item #151052  Retail $9.95

Give your favorite shut-in this “Stow It”.  Include some tissues, hand sanitizer, and a little light reading – and they will love you for it!

Or celebrate any occasion with a bottle of wine or champagne.  This wrapping even includes a pocket for a note or a gift card.

Or turn any sweatshirt into your favorite jacket.  Who doesn’t love pockets and embellishments!

I don’t have pictures of everything – but one of my favorites is a garment bag!  What a great shower gift for a special wedding.  Why not make matching sets for all of the bridesmaids?

And, then there is the small zippered clutch that is featured as a first aid kit – right down to the appliqued band-aid!  How cute is that???  These would be perfect stocking stuffers for every child on your list.  Everyone needs to have a first aid kit handy in their car – and this one definitely has style!

Or give someone a basket for a home spa experience complete with flip flops, eye mask, and scrubber – but you’ll have to buy the book to see the rest….Believe me this teaser is worth it!

Standing Room Only Classes – Part Three

In this class, your customers will learn:

  • Create a “Quilt as You Go” Placemat
  • Try the Pre-Cut Bosal Placemats
  • Learn How to Cut a Bias Binding
  • Hold that Binding in Place with Fusible Thread

Start with a great Cut Loose Press pattern by Margaret Travis of Eazy Peazy Quilts….

Item #CLPMTR002  Retail $3.99

Use the fusible oval placemats by Craf-Tex.  These placemats are fusible on both sides so you may want to showcase the Applique Pressing Sheet that comes in an 18″ x 20″ size (Item #BTD209).

Item #PM-2B  Retail $9.00

Once the piecing is complete, show them how to use the CGRABB1 ruler to cut a bias binding.  They already have the ruler and the binding card (QPBS) if they took the previous class.  If possible, show them an old quilt that has a worn binding and explain that if they cut binding on the straight of grain, the same thread is being worn on the edge of the quilt.  When it wears out in one place, it wears out on the entire length.  By cutting the binding on the bias, 65 threads per inch are wrapped around the edge so if one thread is worn, there are 64 more per inch to preserve the integrity of the quilt!

Show them how to use fusible thread in the bobbin when attaching the binding.  Then when they fold the binding over to the back and press it in place, it can be positioned right over the previous stitching line.  Then, when your students stitch in the ditch from the front of their work, they are guaranteed to cover the stitching on the back AND catch the binding!

Item #12301  Retail $5.99

These classes all offer different techniques and can be taken independently of each other – but many of your customers will sign up for all three because they know they are going to actually learn something!!!  Once again, going home with a finished project is a bonus!  And, these projects are so easy to do that they will want to make several as gifts.  Talk about a win/win situation!!!