The Witches Quilt Show

When EVERY pattern in a series is in the top 100 patterns, you know you have a winner! The Stitchwitch Spellbinders Quilt Show by Meg Hawkey of Crab Apple Hill is a block of the month – and if you start now, it will be done in time for Halloween, 2018! We quilters have to plan ahead!

Check these out! Each one is more adorable than the last…

Block One – Nivelda Fifflestitch was recruited to advertise the opening of the quilt show and she’s doing a great job – as long as she can stay air born. 







Block Two: Appelonia Fifflestitch is a bit of a free spirit! I hope she doesn’t get hung up in the clotheslines hung with quilts on her way down. Yes, it’s happened before.

Block Three: Ludmilla Hexenbroot is so late getting her quilt entry into the show, she just had to throw it around her shoulders, tie it at her neck, and FLY! Hope she gets it there on time.









Block Four: Delthezda Booch’s cat, Honeybunny, is holding on for dear life! Usually he gets to ride in the box on her handlebars but today the box is full of Delthezda’s quilt entries for the show.

Block Five: Cursida looks a little apprehensive about riding to the show in Adrazelle’s motorcycle sidecar! Hold on Cursida – you’re almost there!









Block #6: Blanderhoop and Appeldore are are picking up last minute entries for the quilt show – and having WAY too much fun doing it!







Block Seven: Alwinnia Carbunkle is driving the Blackbird Shop Hop Bus again this year and possibly for the last time if the look on her face is any indication of how the trip has gone! The shop hop ends with the Stitchwitch Spellbinders Quilt Show, so ready… set… SHOP!







Block Eight: The quilts are hung, the shop is ready, all of the vendor booths are set up – there may even be live music!







The ninth pattern in the series shows how to put all of the blocks together into an heirloom holiday quilt!





Wouldn’t a set of these be the perfect holiday gift? Include the background fabric – and if you are REALLY feeling generous, trace the designs so they are ready to stitch!

Deck the Halls with Crab Apple Hill

I love everything that Meg Hawkey of Crab Apple Hill designs!  These heirloom quality projects have introduced embroidery to a new generation – and given the rest of us breathtaking designs with an eye for detail.

Deck the Halls is one of her latest creations.  The eye for detail continues into the border.  In Meg’s own words….










Item #CAH2544  Retail $54.00 (A complete set of the patterns)

The top and bottom borders spell out the old favorite Christmas carol on tag garlands…










Item #CAH2536  Retail $6.75

the large, center block depicts a snow covered tree decorated with a glittering village and bottle brush trees full of ornaments.










Item #CAH2542  Retail $6.75

The surrounding blocks feature vintage style decorations, a village inside an apothecary jar….



Item #CAH2540  Retail $6.75

and a Christmas village scene under a glass cloche.










Item #CAH2538  Retail $6.75

You could choose to change the colors to brighter Christmas colors for a more traditional look if you’d like. Such a sweet, happy quilt! Any one of the blocks would be darling stitched as a pillow, wall hanging, or framed piece. The tag garlands could be shortened and words moved around to create really cute banner pillows too! The possibilities are endless!

Snow Globes features 12 different snow globes set in a simple quilt design – but since every block is the same size, why not make your shop sample unique by designing your own???










Item #CAH2535  Retail $72.00

The scenes in the snow globes are intricate and a nostalgic reminder of Christmases past.  But don’t miss the detailing on the bases…

Holly Jolly









Item #CAH2526  Retail $6.00

Church on the Hill









Item #CAH2522  Retail $6.00

Santa Claus



Item #CAH2528  Retail $6.00

They are all this detailed – and this cute!  To see all of Meg’s designs, visit out website:  //