Batiks at their Finest

We just picked up this pattern line by Janine Burke of Designs by JB and I am totally impressed!  These highly graphic quilts are not only striking, they are a great study in color play!

Whisper is all done in shades of gray and black – but look how the light fabrics make the quilt glow.  It looks like there is light showing through from within.BUS2540
Item #JBD7295  Retail $10.00

Now look what happens with the same color pallette when she adds touches of color in A Bit Askew.
Item #JBD1011  Retail $10.00

Look what happens when she adds some Lime to the shades of gray.  And you have to love the name!
Item #BUS2380  Retail $10.00

Or, add blue to that field of gray.  The light shades are once again placed toward the top of the quilt to add a feel of light.
Item #BUS2472  Retail $10.00

But shades of gray is not her only color palette.  Modern Thinking and Athena’s Puzzle look like they were created from the same fabrics as well.  Wouldn’t this be a great combination on bunk beds?  Each would have their own quilt – but everything would coordinate beautifully.
Item #BUS1031  Retail $10.00

Item #BUS1040  Retail $10.00

Mega Mod and Vibe are studies in red.  All I can say is WOW!
Item #BUS2571  Retail $10.00

Item #JBD7349  Retail $10.00

These quilt patterns need to be displayed in the batik section.  These fat quarter quilts would be great bundled with the patterns!  A little help with fabric choices is always appreciated.