For the Little Boy in All of Us

Amy Bradley’s new pattern – Trucks – is due to arrive at the end of the month. The little boys in your life would love to dream under this quilt. But, the whimsical designs may bring back fond memories to the grown men in your life as well.









Whether you choose the red, white and blue cover quilt or make them in every color of the rainbow, this quilt is sure to be a hit. Continue the theme by framing individual trucks. These instructions are included as well.







Or enlarge the quilt by adding some campers. This pattern is available individually or with all of the precut, prefused applique pieces – which means you can have it done in no time at all!








The camper pattern includes a family so you can add that personal touch and is in stock now!  Why not display the patterns with an assortment of “happy” prints?  Don’t forget to include some black and grays for the wheels and trim!

Summertime and the camping is easy….

Amy Bradley has done it again – and just in time for the summer season.  “Campers” includes patterns to make your own templates for a variety of campers.


Item #ABD269  Retail $29.00

The pattern includes instructions for personalizing your wall hanging by choosing 10 different family members including a cat and dog.









What a perfect gift for a friend who loves their “Glamper”!  Or why not commemorate a memorable family vacation?  This pattern is so freakin’ cute, you may want to RENT a camper to create those memories now!!!

Be the First to Order Books and Patterns that will premier at Market

Behind the scenes, this is the busiest time for anyone in the quilting industry.  Authors and designers are putting the finishing touches on the books and patterns they will be releasing at Market.

Item #CAH247  Retail $25.00
Friendship Blooms over Garden Fences by
Crabapple Hill – 1 of 4 new patterns available

And, Checker encourages them to submit the artwork for these new releases to our buyers as soon as possible so that you – our customers- can get the best possible service!  Samples of these new releases by your favorite designers are shown throughout this article!

Item #QF3 Retail $20.00
French Farmhouse by Need’l Love

In some cases, that means that this time of year you will see products on our website that are not yet available for shipping – and that is a good thing!  Our buyers are letting you know what will be coming from the best and the brightest so that you can be the first to receive it in your shop when it is ready to be distributed!

Item #B1008T  Retail $26.99
Fat-Quarter Quilting by Lori Smith

And, as an added bonus, if you are attending Market, many of the items you see will already be entered in our system – and have been ordered by our buyers – so you don’t have to set up accounts with 500 different vendors.  And, they will be shipped directly to your store so you don’t have to lug anything extra in your suitcases.  Let’s face it – the days of bringing an extra suitcase is gone when some airlines are charging $40 a bag!

Item #B923T  Retail $28.99
Simple Comforts by Kim Diehl

Do our buyers a favor – order the ones that are no-brainers now!  This will give them some idea of quantities for subsequent orders – and guarantee that you will get it at soon as it is available!

Item #FSP12  Retail $11.95
Cooking Up some Quilts by Judy Hopkins

Why not order one of each – and host a book and pattern preview party.  Your customers can order their favorites.  At this time of year, you could host these events weekly!

Item #B974T  Retail $28.99
Quilts from Paradise by Cynthia Tomaszewski

Item #3316-0 Retail $24.00
The Lost Quilter by Jennifer Chiaverini

Item #ABD233  Retail $29.00
Happy Halloween by Amy Bradley

And, on a personal note, my second book was delayed several months because we decided to add 200 MORE step-by-step illustrations.  I am flying to Des Moines tomorrow and we are hoping it will arrive during my visit!

Item #L11226  Retail $27.95

Next week, I will share some of the new patterns that will be available – and are arriving every day!  Enjoy!