A Decoration for Every Season – Part Two

This pattern is the perfect companion to the jaw dropping centerpiece that is on everyone’s to-do list!  Yes, it is listed as a Christmas ornament – but wouldn’t it be darling hanging from the light over the table to accent EVERY holiday table?


Item # PQD196  Retail $9.00

These are so easy to kit!  Each ornament is made with one pack of the Bosal Craf-tex Coaster sets.

437B-6CR (1)

Item #437B-6CR  Retail $6.47


Item #437B-7CS  Retail $6.47

Why not offer a class where they make one of each.  Guess what – there is a pack for those as well…


Item #437B-8CRS  Retail $11.29

Embellish the ornaments with her bead sets.


Item #PQD103S  Retail $5.00 (Silver)

Item #PQD103G  Retail $5.00 (Gold)

No one has time to make ornaments at Christmas, so why not start now???


Three Dimensional Art Meets Quilts

Kristine Poor of Poorhouse Quilts has mastered the art of working with the form-able stabilizer by Bosal.  Last Fall you fell in love with her molded leaves….


Item #PQD176  $9.00

This year, she has outdone herself.  These pumpkins are adorable – and the leaves are moldable as well!  What a great class – what a great gift – what a great opportunity to teach your customers about this product!


Once your customers love the product and have mastered the technique, you can move on to moldable flowers just in time for Christmas…poinsettias that don’t need watered!


Item #PQD178  Retail $9.00

All of these projects use the moldable stabilizer by Bosal:


Item #491B  $19.99

Kristine loves adding dimension to everything she does – including quilts.  These blocks look like Cathedral Windows – but are super simple!  Her grandmother would have been proud – and kicking herself that she didn’t think of it!  This is a great demo.  Why not kit the projects and demonstrate the technique for those Fall events?  The place mat is dramatic and will fit into any decor – and can be completed in just a few hours…



Item #PQD170  Retail $9.00

The same technique is used in all of these decorations….


Item #PQD180  Retail $9.00

Now that you have the tree skirt and mantle decorated, why not move on to ornaments?  These would be great for a quick Take and Teach session.


Item #PQD185  Retail $9.00

Don’t you love it – projects that work for demos, classes, and kits!!!

Best Patterns since Market

This time of year, you have two types of customers – those who quilt and those who don’t!  Obvious, isn’t it???  But, in this case, the quilters are looking for quick, easy gift ideas that they can make in an afternoon.  Check out the Top 20 patterns on our website:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/patterns

Order in a supply of them now and set up a display.  Have a ready answer – and supply of products when your customers come in looking for that last minute project idea.

Consider kitting them as well.  The greatest gift you can give your customers this time of year is the gift of time!  Many of them are simple hot pads, table runners, etc. so save your customers time by pulling appropriate fabrics and fat quarters.  And don’t forget the Insul-Bright – they will need the correct batting!

But, for those customers who want to try something new, Poorhouse Quilt Designs released several patterns that feature a mold-able stabilizer, Inn-Spire.  These are fast, easy and fun – and not your grandmother’s quilt project!

These leaf bowls are a great way to start…

Item #PQD176  Retail $9.00

Then, why not have a class or sample of the pointsettia?  T’is the Season…

Item #pQD178  Retail $9.00

Butterflies are not just for Spring!  My granddaughters would love these all over their room…

Item #PQD181  Retail $9.00

There are two types of this moldable product available: Inn-Spire Plus (Item #IC4350) and Bosal Heat Moldable Double Sided Fusible Plus Stabilizer (Item #491B).  Both retail for $19.99.

Why not kit the pattern and stabilizer for quick Christmas gifts?  Offer a class after the first of the year that can be purchased now as a gift certificate.

The folks at Quilt in a Day have hit the top 20 with their new pattern – Braid in a Day.  The template is included.  She did a video for Checker You at quilt market.  I haven’t seen it yet, but have heard that this video is so good that this pattern is going to go through the roof!!!  It will be up very soon – and when you see how easy it is, you will definitely add it to your class line-up.

Item #1282QD  Retail $10.00

These new patterns are perfect gifts for customers who are shopping for the quilters in their life!  Offer them something so new that they won’t have to worry about duplicates!

Quilt Market in Pictures Part Three

Houston – Thanks for the memories….

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