The Savviest Designer for our Generation – Part One

Terry Atkinson just broke her own record!  She has EIGHT patterns in the Checker top 100 – including Yellow Brick Road, which arguably has to be the top selling pattern of all time!  This pattern was originally copyrighted in 2000 – and 15 years later, is still in the top 20.  This has been the first quilt – and their gateway to a love of quilting – for an entire generation of quilters as well as the go to quilt for experienced quilters.


Item #ATK126  Retail $9.50

Lucky Stars  was the first pattern I ever saw that showcased “floating” star points.  I don’t know if Terry invented this technique – which has now become mainstream – but this pattern introduced it to ME!  And, patterns like this guarantee successful results for even beginning quilters. What is not to love?????


Item #ATK129  Retail $9.50

Why are her patterns so successful?  Many of them are fat quarter or pre-cut friendly and offer a variety of size options – which is why shop owners love her .   And her color choices are spot on!  Since her zippers have been released, she has been the queen of simple, easy projects that can be completed in an afternoon.  But, PLEASE visit our website at: // and re-visit her roots!  Her quilt patterns obviously stand up to the test of time so why not share them ALL with the next generation of quilters???


Beginning Quilting Classes Honor New Year’s Resolutions

Three simple and easy quilts are in the top six this week for a reason – everyone who made a New Year’s resolution and wanted to learn how to quilt, wants a tried and true pattern.  These three fit the bill!

Yellow Brick Road is the #1 pattern this week!!!  This classic has paid the rent for a lot of shops over the years.  It is the perfect beginner quilt since it is a great opportunity to teach how to use a ruler and rotary cutter.  And, since it is fat quarter friendly, you can teach them about color as well – in whichever size they need.

Item #ATK126  Retail $8.00

The Take 5 – Fifth Anniversary Edition is also a popular favorite for the same reason!  It is well written, it works, and anyone can be successful!  And all they need is five fabrics!  Let them pick out a focal fabric and then choose four fabrics to support it.  This edition has been expanded to include additional sizes, color options, and tips!

Item #TP200  Retail $8.00

Just Can’t Cut It is a quick and easy quilt that includes setting squares so the piecing is reduced by half.  Instant gratification for beginners is always a good thing!

Item #AWU01  Retail $8.00

When teaching beginners, make sure they start with quality tools.  If they start with the right tools, they will last them a lifetime!  These are all number 1 in their fields:

Item #RM-SG  Retail $32.99

This rotary cutter protects the blade unless the blade is in use by squeezing the handle.  The blade can be switched for a right or left hander.  And, the handle is ergonomically correct which reduces carpel tunnel.  It is the top selling rotary cutter for a reason!

Item #RTY2DX  $31.49

The top selling basic ruler is the Creative Grids 6 1/2″ x 24 1/2″.  It is the length of the mat so the entire surface can be used.

Item #CGR24  Retail $23.95

Once they take their first class, they will be hooked for life so make sure you have several options for additional classes at your fingertips.  Don’t wait for them to ask!

Christmas Quickie Quilts

When you need a quick quilt, why not return to an old favorite?  I wonder how many people have bought this pattern two or three times???  It is once again, in the top 20….This pattern includes instructions for several sizes.

Item #ATK126  Retail $8.00

Labyrinth is created with half-square triangles – and includes instructions for all sizes….

Item #CCQD141  Retail $9.00

Sometimes, a little quilted project is a great Christmas gift…This one is quick and easy with the Lil Twister (LILTWISTER Retail $9.85).

Item #STD102  Retail $8.50

This quilt comes with a template for a miniature Twister.  This template is a great size for Christmas stockings or a mini quilt for a friend.  It goes together easily – and looks like you worked really hard!

Item #pRI946  Retail $12.00

Or go Itty Bitty with this version….

Item #PRI321  Retail $10.00

Sometimes, quick and easy just won’t do.  An heirloom quality quilt is a perfect gift.  This one, by Crabapple Hill features “Vintage Tin” – a wonderful project for that man in your life…

Item #CAH274  Retail $27.00

We love quilts so why not share them with our friends and family???