Steamfast Irons are Back in Stock!!!

I just couldn’t wait to tell you!  My favorite mini iron is back in stock!  It weighs less than a pound, heats up in less than a minute, and produces steam like a professional iron.

It is sew easy to manipulate that you will prefer this to a traditional iron making it your go to iron – not just the one you take to retreats.


Item #SF-717-A  Retail $29.99

Don’t forget to have the Travel Iron Tote pattern on hand as well…


Item #SCT10105  Retail $12.00

These thimbles are a great add-on sale ….no more burnt fingers….


Item #82445  Retail $5.99

Every seam that is sewn, needs to be pressed so lets do it in style!

Creating a Better Mousetrap

Numbered Q-Pins

I love this concept….Marilee numbered the flat tops of quilting pins – 1 through 20.  The case is two sided. One through ten are on one side and eleven through twenty are on the other.

Item #NQPINS  Retail $28.00

When laying out the blocks in a quilt, place a pin in the top left corner – numbering in the order they should be sewn.  By placing the pins in the same location every time, you avoid twisting or turning a block.

In many books – including mine – the cutting requirements are numbered.  Keep the entire block organized by pinning all of the like units together.  When you are ready to sew the block, it is organized and ready to sew!

If your pattern uses letters instead of numbers – no problem.  Simply write on the reverse side of the pins with a permanent marker.

If you need more than 20 numbers, you can write those on the back as well – or do what I do.  Pin 1 through 20 in the top left corner right side up; 21 through 40 wrong side up.  Simple and easy!

Steam Fast










Item #SF-717-A  Retail $29.99

I fell in love with this iron when I saw a shop owner demonstrate how she used it to bind placemats.  She sewed the binding to the front of the quilt and pressed it to the back side of the quilt.  This little iron was so lightweight and easy to manipulate – but POWERFUL!  She easily mitered and pressed the corners of the binding.  But here is the best part – she placed a few drops of Roxanne’s glue on the edge before pressing.  So, when she pressed, the glue dried and held the binding in place until she stitched it down!  Brilliant!

Everyone watching that demo wanted this iron AND the glue – now that is a demo made in heaven!

It weighs just under a pound and comes with its own little travel case and measuring cup.  Plug it in and in less than a minute the iron is hot and ready to go.  It even has dual voltage for overseas travel!  This would be a great Mother’s Day gift for any quilter.  They are due in the end of this month!

Don’t forget the glue:










Item #RX-GL1  Retail $8.84

The glue comes in several sizes, so visit our website to view the complete line:  //’s Glue