Block of the Month with Creative Grids

Deb Heatherly – the genius behind the Creative Grids Cat’s Cradle Trim Tool – has developed a Block of the Month program for that top selling notion.



Item #DH15091  Retail $32.00

Deb owns a shop so this isn’t her first rodeo!  Over the years, she has incorporated dozens of BOM programs into her schedule and you will benefit from her expertise.

Purchase a set for each student.  This may look like a booklet, but it is actually a folder with the block patterns printed on individual sheets.  Give each student the folder at the first class – then, you, as a shop owner can decide whether you want to give them the whole thing at once or the patterns each month so they don’t work ahead.

individual pages

The techniques build from month to month so you utilize the true potential of the Cat’s Cradle Trim Tool.


Item #CGRDH1  Retail $17.95

Kitting has never been easier.  The actual blocks require 1 yard of four different print fabrics and two yards of background fabric.  Deb suggests giving them a fat quarter of each fabric and a half yard of the background fabric each quarter.  They can buy the setting triangles, backgrounds, and backing along the way so the quilt is more affordable for your customers AND you have guaranteed sales each month.

Since kitting is so easy, you can offer it in multiple colorways.  Your customers can choose the setting they prefer in the very beginning:

cover BOM (1)

solid BOM

30s bom  300 dpi


But this just gets better and better!  We are big Kim Diehl fans and love her new fabric line – Sunday’s Best.



The fabric isn’t available until December but look at the mock-ups she made for us!

Catapult , Kim Diehl, multi coloring, light setting pieces

Catapult, Kim Diehl, multi coloring, dark setting pieces

Catapult, Kim Diehl, multi coloring, modified dark setting

Catapult, Kim Diehl, Final Red (1)


They are all striking. It’s hard to choose a favorite, isn’t it!

Deb is working on a shop owner’s guide.  Contact her for details.  Or visit the Creative Grids demo area in the Checker booth and talk to Deb personally.