Dress Up the Dolls in your Life

Summer is approaching quickly.  Children will be out of school and parents – and grandparents – are looking for projects to keep them busy!  Why not offer a selection of doll clothes patterns and books?  We have quite a selection that fit the ever popular 18″ dolls.

Vanilla House has created a very simple dress that is sewn from rectangles!  What could be easier than that???  Four different styles are included.  Be sure to include a variety of fat quarters and trims in your display…

The Rectangle Dress

Item #VHD186  Retail $9.00

Sew Today’s Fashions includes a variety of outfits – from beginning to advanced.  I am sure there will be several that your favorite doll collector will love!

Item #772-4  Retail $22.99

Here are a few of the choices....

This book – also by Joan Hinds – includes more patterns that can be mixed and matched to create an infinite number of outfits.

Item #375-3  Retail $19.95

And, here are some of the choices…..

House of White Birches has combined 10 different patterns for those cool weather occasions…

Item #151028  Retail $14.95

And here are some of the options….

Once they have mastered making clothes for their dolls, this book is a must!  They can make matching outfits.  That’s right – this book includes patterns for little girls with matching doll outfits!  Maybe Mom or Grandma can make the child’s version while the child is making the doll version.  Talk about creating memories!!!

Item #Z5668  Retail $29.95

How cute is this????

Melissa Stramel has designed several patterns for 15 to 18 inch dolls.  These are all sold separately.

Item #MAS203  Retail  $10.00

To see the complete collection of her patterns, visit our websiste at:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/search?d=34076

Every doll needs it’s own carrying case – and this one is impressive!  Sister’s Common Thread has created the “Dolls on the Go”.

Item #SCT10127  Retail $9.00

By the end of the summer, you have created a new seamstress – and a lifetime of memories!