Clean and Fresh – Quilter’s Staples

Bear Thread Designs has added another staple to every quilt shop.  Sew Fresh removes the odors from all of your textiles.  This all natural product is a must have for machine quilters as well.  It is odor free – but removes the musty smell from quilts.  Better yet, it removes the smell of cigarette and cigar smoke so you can quilt without holding your breath!







Item #BTD217  Retail $10.99

They also produce a product that removes marks and stains from quilts.  That’s right it removes many of the pencil and pen markings that may still mar the beauty of some of your projects.  A friend says it also removes pet stains – and swears by it.  The orange scent is  fresh and clean.








Item #BTD207  Retail $10.99

Keep these at the register so your customers know you have them.  Soon they will be recommending them to all of their friends so get the conversation started.