Log Cabin Curves – Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

I love log cabins – and curvy log cabins?  The design potential just increased exponentially!  all of those patterns created with Drunkard’s Path type curves can now be replicated WITHOUT cutting or sewing a curve!

This newest book by Jean Ann Wright shows you how to create these designs with six inch or eight inch blocks.


Item #L113305  Retail $18.95

These curvy log cabins are created by adding two narrow logs to two adjoining sides – and wide logs to the other two sides.  When using the Creative Grids rulers designed by the author, these blocks are a piece of cake!

Eight Inch Finished Curvy Log Cabin

CGRJAW5 - CDwebsite

Item #CGRJAW5  Retail $20.95

If you want to create the same projects – in a smaller size – use the six inch version.


Item #CGRJAW6  Retail $17.95

The book includes cutting instructions if you want to make them the old-fashioned way – but when Jean Ann has invented a better mousetrap, why would you????

Look at the circles that are created when you place the blocks so the wide, dark logs are placed together.


Or combine blocks made with narrow darks with some made with wide darks to create curved diamonds.



This table runner showcases backgrounds that create a perfect place to showcase an applique or beautiful quilting.


Or create helixes for your favorite scientist…


This table runner reminds me of swans or flamingos.  What do you see?


The book includes eight different patterns that serve as a stepping stone to your own creativity.  With the right Creative Grids tools, these blocks are fast, fun, and easy!

Super Size isn’t just for Fast Food

The Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tools have become the stash busters that everyone loves.  But, did you know that Jean Ann has Super Sized or Down Sized Cut Loose Press patterns that support those templates?  There are now yardage requirements to make the same project in a different size just by switching the template size.

These patterns were originally written for the six inch finished CGRJAW6 (Retail $17.95) and now include the  yardage requirements for the eight inch size CGRJAW5 (Retail $20.95.

Rainbow Swirls


Item #CLPJAW032

Citrus & Berry


Item #CLPJAW033

Fly Away


Item #CLPJAW029

Wiggly Worms


Item #CLPJAW028

Ice Cream Cones


Item #CLPJAW031

Or, downsize these Cut Loose Press originally written for the eight inch template…

Sun, Surf & Seaweed


Item #CLPJAW026



Item #CLPJAW021

Texas Two Step


Item #CLPJAW022



Item #CLPJAW024

Why not get more bang for your buck today?








This one has Curves in all the right places!

Creative Grids is giving birth to triplets this Spring – and we are so excited we couldn’t wait to give you a sneak peak of each one.  Our first “baby” is due the end of this month.  Five Cut Loose Press patterns are ready to order, the video is on-line, and the storyboard is done!   Everything is ready – all you have to do is place your order and schedule the demos!

The Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool creates the illusion of curves by sewing two narrow strips to adjoining sides – and two wide strips to the other two sides.

Look how it adds movement to this simple log cabin quilt – Carousel.



Item #CLPJAW021

These Zen Table Runners look totally different when you switch the lights and darks.  The “circles” are actually four curvy log cabins so this table runner only requires 12 blocks – which really can be made in a couple of hours!



Item #CLPJAW023

Hopscotch is funky and fun – combining four blocks set in a circle with four blocks set as a quarter circle block.



Item #CLPJAW024

Visit our website to see the product video on this one…










Item #CGRJAW5  Retail $20..95

Since this ruler creates eight inch finished blocks, it can be combined with the original Log Cabin Trim Tool.  In I love America, the heart is created with the Curvy Log Cabin blocks.  The blue border is made from traditional log cabins – twice the design potential!










Item #CLPJAW020


Item #CGRJAW1  Retail $19.45

But this ruler just doesn’t make circles – Texas Two Step shows what happens when you sew Courthouse Steps.











Item #CLPJAW022

If you are a store and would like a story board to demo this baby, contact us at:  To get your Storyboard files, e-mail cginfo@www.checkernewsletter.comcheckerdist.com..