Football Frenzy

Hopefully your favorite team made it to the playoffs – and you will be celebrating soon!  If not, there is always next year.  And it is always a good time to support your favorite team with one of Gudrun Erla’s designs.

She has added the letters “M” and “W” to her series.  Make the quilt in your team colors – but be warned!  Everyone will want one so you will have to make more than one!

Item #GE170  Retail $10.00

This quilt also uses the Creative Grids® Kaleidoscope or Dresden Plate 45 degree ruler.

Item #CGRTKAL45  Retail $18.45

Item #GE166  Retail $10.00

Item #GE169  Retail $10.00

All of these patterns come in multiple sizes and use 2 1/2″ strips.  Cut them in a matter of minutes with the Creative Grids® Stripology ruler.

Item #CGRGE1  Retail $54.95

Why not plan ahead???  Start making that graduation present now!

Strip your Stash with Gudrun Erla

Gudrun’s latest book is due next month and is sure to be a hit so pre-order your copies now!


Item #11085  Retail $24.95

Strip your Stash includes 12 projects in several different sizes.  These quilts are all made with strips but the style and variations are so diverse that there is a quilt for everyone.






Cut those strips with her Stripology ruler from Creative Grids.


Item #CGRGE1  Retail $54.95

Follow the link to our website and click on the video button to see Gudrun demonstrate how to cut your stash in a fraction of your time.

Gudrun will teach you how to organize your stash so that it is actually usable.  Each project includes yardage requirements for at least two sizes.  Once you’ve cut that stash, she shows you how to combine colors and prints to their best advantage!

Her step by step instructions make every quilt a perfect choice – even for beginners.  Your toughest decision?  Choosing!!!

Learn to Quilt as You Go with Gudrun

Gudrun’s signature clean, crisp and funky look translates perfectly into these quilt-as-you-go projects.  This book features 14 projects that literally can be made in an hour or an afternoon – including the binding!


Item #B1281T  Retail $24.99

The projects include place mats created with strips that can be completed in less than an hour.  Gudrun adds fudge factors to her projects.  In this case, your success is guaranteed because she uses different widths.

Finals B1281.indd

In this project, Gudrun changes directions – and she will show you how to do this successfully as well.

Finals B1281.indd

This summertime favorite looks like a wall sized paper-pieced project until she teaches you the tricks of the trade….

Finals B1281.indd

Or sew the illusion of curves – and yes these are quilted as well – but you’ll have to read the book to figure out how she does it!

Finals B1281.indd

Cutting the strips with her Stripology ruler reduces the cutting time by 75%.  Follow the product link to watch a demo.


Item #CGRGE1  Retail $54.95

Gudrun will walk you through the entire process so you can save time and money by machine quilting your smaller projects.  Why not learn from the best???

Quilt-as-you-Go with Gudrun Erla

Simply put – Gudrun is on a roll….

Her Creative Grids Stripology ruler is selling like hotcakes – in fact, we are getting another order this week.  (It is hard to keep it in stock.)


Item #CGRGE1  Retail $54.95

And the supporting book is #1 on the Checker hit parade.


Item #GE508  Retail $16.00

Her new book – Quilt-as-you-Go features 14 projects that can be completed – start to finish – on a home sewing machine.


Item #B1281T  Retail $24.99

Love this for Spring…brings back memories of cherry blossoms in Washington D.C.


What a perfect Easter display….


Placemats that add a spice of color – and look like they would be right at home in a 70’s kitchen!


Bold, bright and beautiful….


And, all of them can be completed – start to finish – in no time at all!  What is not to love!