The Perfect Graduation Gift – A T-Shirt Quilt

When the T-Shirt books and patterns appear in the top 100, you know graduation is right around the corner!  These quilts are a true labor of love – and are the perfect project to teach someone how to quilt!

This simple Cut Loose Press pattern is designed to incorporate 25 blocks into a queen size quilt or 15 blocks into a college twin.  Trim the T-Shirts into 12″; 14″ and 16″ squares – and then add borders so all of the blocks are the same size.  Turn smaller squares such as pockets and sleeve art into 8″ blocks. CLPPHA004

Item #CLPPHA004

Since you are working with T-Shirt knit; sweatshirt knit, and jersey, they must be stabilized before they are combined with the cotton sashing and borders.  Iron a fusible tricot interfacing. I use Bosal Item #351B-WHT or Pellon Item #EK130PWHT.

When working with a newbie, have them iron the interfacing to the back of each T-Shirt design.  Then use the Creative Grids Square It Up rulers – this pattern uses the 16″ size.  Center the design on the shirt under the ruler.  Then, use the holes in the ruler to mark the corners of the square that is appropriate for each shirt. Once the borders are added, trim each block to 16 1/2″.

The 16″ Size – Item #CGRSQ16  Retail $38.45

The 14″ Size – Item #CGRSQ14  Retail $36.45

The 12″ Size – Item #CGRSQ12  Retail $29.95

Whichever book or pattern you choose, these Creative Grids rulers make quick work of trimming the blocks.  You can’t afford a mis-cut when working with memories!

Want more ideas?  Here are just a few of our top selling T-Shirt books:

Item #AQS8664  Retail $19.95

Item #LA6201  Retail $17.99

Item #141363  Retail $19.95

Why not set up a display in your shop now?  Include fabrics that would coordinate well with your local school colors.

Curves that would make Marilyn proud!

You all loved the 8″ curvy log cabin (CGRJAW5).  We immediately had requests for a smaller version – preferably a six inch size so four could be sewn together to create a 12 inch block.  You asked – we aim to please!


Item #CGRJAW6  Retail $

Look at the motion these curves can create – and it is no harder than doing a traditional log cabin!  Simply sew narrow strips to two adjoining sides and wide strips to the other two sides!

Rainbow Swirls


Item #CLPJAW032  

Fly Away with Me looks like white birds are flying in circles.


Item #CLPKAW029

Ice Cream Cones never looked so good – and in every color of the rainbow…


Item #CLPJAW031

Wiggly Worms is so bright and cheerful, every child will want one.  Summer camp anyone???


Item #CLPJAW028

Citrus and Berry Table Runner will add a cheerful touch to any table decor…


Item #CLJAW033

Take the Creative Grids Experience to YOUR Store – Diamond Dimensions – Part One

Checker hosted the Creative Grids Experience the day before the Open House officially opened.  A full house spent an afternoon learning how to use the latest six rulers and templates.  And, by all accounts, it was a great success.  Rob welcomed everyone to the event.

2013-08-17 00.59.33

By  the way, the electricity in this room is run ABOVE the tables.  Extension cords can be pulled down from the ceiling so no one is tripping on cords (those are yellow electric cords you see).  Simply brilliant – would this work in your classroom???

2013-08-17 00.47.37

And, then the fun began….Three Creative Grids designers showed how to demonstrate and use two different rulers at three stations around the room.  The participants were given a fabric kit, a ruler, and a Cut Loose Press pattern featuring each ruler.  They actually learned how to use each ruler and start on a sample.

As the day progressed, they became friends – and there was more talking than sewing – but the sharing of ideas between shop owners was an added bonus!

2013-08-17 00.48.05

2013-08-17 00.47.54

Do you see ANYONE sewing in these pictures????  We all know quilting classes are as much a social experience as a learning one – and it is no different when you own the shop!

2013-08-17 00.51.51

Karen Montgomery demonstrated two rulers.  The Diamond Dimensions ruler by Erin Underwood is a great class ruler.  The Cut Loose Press patterns offer simple projects that give you an opportunity to demonstrate the diverse features of the ruler.  Then, you can move onto intermediate and advanced projects that show that this is a ruler with pizzazz.


Item #CGREU2  Retail $28.45

I love this “Catty Cornered Table Runner because it shows how to cut strips and features the 45 degree angle on one side of the ruler.  Then when they move onto other patterns, the ruler is not intimidating.


Item #CLPEUN006  

Once they are comfortable with cutting strips and angles, it is time to move onto a star.  Kaleidoscope Star is cut from a variegated fabric but a stripe would look great as well.  The diamond shapes are not pieced – and there are no Y or inset seams so this is a piece of cake!  It literally can be taught in a six hour class – and finished!!!


Item #CLPEUN005

Or, offer this table runner and placemat class.  The diamonds are strip pieced so it is a great way to show them how to cut pieced diamonds.


Item #CLPEUN007

Elsie Campbell used this ruler to piece chevrons – and diamonds have never looked so good!  The sample is done as a rainbow of colors – but it would be just as effective if each diamond was the same.  Simply beautiful!


Item #CLPEMC002

The table runner would be gorgeous in the same fabrics as well…


Item #CLPEMC001

Now that you know how to use the ruler, it is time to move onto the intermediate and expert patterns – and Erin has just the thing!


Item #EUQ200  Retail $9.00


Item #EUQ201  Retail $9.00


Item #EUQ202  Retail $9.00

You can do a whole series of classes and demos based on this one ruler – and what samples they will be!













You have Permission to get Out of Line!

The Straight Out of Line ruler by Karla Alexander is one of my favorite gadgets!  This ruler cuts four to ten inch squares in half on an angle so you can cut seven different sizes from one tool for under twenty bucks!  NOW I’ve got your attention!  This ruler is so much fun that Karla has designed four more patterns around it so you have even more reasons to add it to the top of your demo list!

Item #CGRKA3  Retail $18.95

I love the quilts that feature these wonky style pinwheels but most of the tools on the market create bias edges.  Since the Straight Out of Line ruler cuts the pieces from squares, the bias edges are cut and pieced so the integrity of the block is maintained!  The outside edge of the block is totally on the straight of grain!

This ruler was created to piece wonky four- patches.  But in Against the Rail, only one seam is sewn, so the resulting piece is a rectangle – unless you add a strip of red!  Talk about adding the AWE factor!  This is the perfect beginner quilt because there are no seams to match in the blocks.  All of the blocks can be squared up to the same size, so as long as the seam is consistent, your students will be successful!  There are the same amount of seams per row, so everything will fit together!  And, since this is a Cut Loose Press pattern, it is reasonably priced and a great companion to a ruler demo!

Item #CLPKAL001

“Twirl” uses the same template to cut and piece a diagonal seam – but this time, the coloration creates the paddle wheel effect.  Again, beginners can square up the blocks to a consistent size and everything will match as long as their seam allowance is consistent – and everything will be on the straight of grain!!!!  Again, this is a Cut Loose Press pattern so you can entice your customers at a very reasonable price!

Item #CLPKAL002

“Fresh Cut” uses the same tool to create wonky four-patches for an entirely different look!  It gives the illusion of curves without the work!

Item #SSQ401  Retail $9.00

Take those same four-patches and piece them into sixteen-patches in “Window with a View”.  Look how different this looks when a sashing and corner posts are added!

Item #SSQ408  Retail $9.00

“Whirlwynd” is created with the same ruler – but looks completely different!  These quilts are a great way to study fabric choices and placement!  It will be available to ship by the end of the month.

Item #SSQ420  Retail $9.00

“Chain Reaction” puts a whole new spin on a Double Irish Chain!  And, yes, it uses the exact same tool!  This one will also be available at the end of the month.

Item #SSQ421  Retail $9.00

When have you ever had this much variety for under $20.00???

It is even featured in her book:

Item #B1121T  Retail $24.99

With this kind of added support, it is time to re-visit a ruler that is destined to be a classic!

Stocking Stuffers

A couple of weeks ago, I shared several patterns for stockings.  The Lil’ Twister version is currently in the top 10.  In fact, this pattern has been so popular that it is currently out of stock!  But order now so you get them as soon as they arrive (they are due in the end of the week).  When something is hot, you need to plan ahead!

Item #NM-130  Retail $9.00

Item #LILTWISTER  Retail $9.85

Add stocking stuffers for quilters to this display.  This display will also meet the needs of those who are looking for reasonably priced gifts for Secret Sis programs and their quilting friends.

This new  Jumbo Bobbin Saver is due in this week and holds the larger bobbins used in the Bernina 830 and many longarm machines.

Item #130-JUMBO  Retail $8.99

Clover developed these clips for bindings but quilters have learned that they can be used for absolutely anything!  They have become the quilter’s paper clip and a must have in any sewing basket…

Item #3155CV  6.95

The Creative Grids 4 1/2″ square is always in the top 20.  Many blocks made with 5″ squares can be squared up to the same size.  All Creative Grids squares have a center horizontal and vertical line -which can be used to square up four-patches.  The diagonal line works for squaring up half-square triangles.  The grip around the entire outside edge keeps the ruler in place while cutting.  This grip is 1/4″ on two sides and 1/2″ on the other two sides.  What is not to love???

Item #CGR4  Retail $8.95

These seam rippers with the rubberized tips have been flying off the shelves.  The rubberized tips remove all of those stray threads created when ripping out a seam…

Item #A019721580  Check website for Assortment Pricing

These thread snips have an ergonomic spring loaded handle that fits your hand beautifully.  If you want to keep them close, there is a hole for a lanyard.  But don’t worry – there is also a safety cap to protect the girls…

Item $B4800  Check website for Assortment Pricing

These little 3 1/2″ scissors are small enough to carry on a plane – and sharp enough to actually cut!

Item #B4815  Check website for Assortment Pricing

These Zingers clip to your clothes.  Then attach a pair of scissors on a retractable clip so they are always at your fingertips.

Item #HG00376  Check website for Assortment Pricing

In this case, the displays are eye candy so if you have the products, you can put together a great display in a matter of minutes!