Learn to Quilt – the Perfect Gift

Tis the season when you have an opportunity to introduce new customers to quilting.  Be prepared!  When family members walk in and want to buy something because a relative wants to learn how to quilt, have a display ready.  Don’t forget to include information on beginning quilting classes that will be starting after the first of the year – and gift certificates to classes as well.

Here are a few suggestions which you probably already have in stock!  It is all in the presentation…

There are several beginning quilting books on the market.  This is my favorite because it not only teaches the basics of quilting, it also explains the terminology!  Jeri includes the  “language” of quilting that experienced quilters take for granted such as fat quarters.  Now that is a TRUE beginners guide!


Item #L113350  Retail $24.95

For those who are inspired to learn to quilt by watching Alex Anderson on T.V., her book is always a top seller.


Item #10708  Retail $14.95

We all know that the tools make a difference.  Why not start with the best?  The #1 selling Creative Grids ruler of all time is the 6 1/2″ x 24 1/2″ ruler.  It spans the width of a rotary mat and is the width of the most common border width – a must have for all quilters.  This should be in every quilter’s sewing room.


Item CGR24  Retail $24.00

Or, why not choose the Stripology ruler?  It is the perfect choice for beginners or those who are afraid of a traditional cutter or may have carpal tunnel issues.  Why not teach them how to cut their rotary cutting time by 75% right from the beginning????


Item #CGRGE1  Retail $54.95

The 18″ x 24″ Olfa cutting mat is the most popular size.


Item #RM-SG  Retail $32.99

This quick change rotary cutter is the best selling rotary cutter…


Item #RTY2C  Retail $17.99

Display these items – or your personal preferences – in one place and let your staff know to recommend these products when the questions arise.  Have newsletters right there so the newbies know how to contact you!  Remind your customers that these are the perfect gifts for THEIR friends.  Why not offer a free class to everyone who brings a new quilter to a class?

Learn to Quilt Successfully

If you are offering a beginning quilting class at your shop, this book should be in the hands of every student!  It is like giving them a dictionary of the terms and materials used by every quilter.  “Quilting The Basics and Beyond” by Jeri Simon is a wonderful resource guide that should be required reading for every teacher!

Item #L11252  Retail $27.95

Let’s face it – many of us have been sewing so long that we forget that the quilting industry has a language of its very own!  “Normal” people – and beginning quilters – think that jelly rolls, layer cakes, honey buns and turnovers are treats you find in a bakery!  A new customer can be overwhelmed when we start throwing out these terms – and take for granted that they know what they mean.  Jeri has explained these terms as well as every aspect of the process and all of the supplies needed.  Fabrics, threads, rulers, needles, rotary mats and cutters, etc. are all covered.

Jeri takes you step by step – and picture by picture – through the process of cutting, sewing, and trimming the most common blocks used in sewing today.  And, in many cases, she shows more than one way to accomplish it so a beginner can try both – and choose her favorite method.  Four-patches, half-square triangles, quarter-square triangles, flying geese units…..they are all included with detailed instructions.

And this book does not end with “Quilt as desired.”  She explains exactly how to finish a quilt – how to mark it, baste it, quilt it by machine or hand, and even tie it if you prefer.

The book also includes a DVD with twenty minutes of “Show-Me/Tell-Me instructions so when your students leave the class, they have a tutorial to take with them.

But every quilter will want this book because of the charts!  There are charts for reducing and enlarging blocks; converting yards to inches to decimals to meters; standard mattress sizes; diagonal block measurements – you name it, Jeri has a chart for it to make your life easier!  These charts are an easy reference guide that should be in every quilter’s library.

Most us are self taught so maybe it’s time we got “back to basics” and learn what we may have missed – or what we are forgetting to mention to our students!  Jeri will be signing copies of her book at Quilt Market in Minneapolis.  Stop by as she explains how to turn this book into a great beginning class.  See you in Minneapolis!