Fresh Inspiration from Bird Brain Designs

We are delighted to bring to you the freshest pattern releases from our cherished designers at Bird Brain Designs. This month, their creative minds have flown even higher with a brand-new series encompassing the elements of comfort, home, and the sweet simplicity of nature.

Without further ado, let’s dive into their enchanting world with “My Happy Place,” “Home is Where the Heart Is,” and “Flowers Bees Honey.”

1. My Happy Place

Our homes are our sanctuaries, our personal world where we feel most at ease. ‘My Happy Place’ emphasizes this sentiment, presenting a versatile pattern that unites comfort and creative style. This design features cozy elements like reading nooks, plants, coffee mugs, and more, all intricately embroidered, making it a pleasure to stitch. The design is also perfect for those of you who want to personalize it with elements that make your home a ‘Happy Place.’ You’ll be able to tell your own story, expressing your joy through every thread and stitch.

Announce your passion and enjoy where you do all this FUN with an Embroidered Redwork Sign. Hang your special sign filled with all our favorite “sewing tools” in a spot to make you Happy!

2. Home is Where the Heart Is

This new pattern, “Home is Where the Heart Is,” centers around a heartfelt illustration of a house with welcoming doors and windows that exude warmth. Delightful hearts float around the abode, symbolizing the love and joy found within. The pattern provides ample space for you to add your personal touch, whether it’s the color palette that best represents your home or embroidery detailing that symbolizes your family tradition. This pattern is a beautiful way to bring your cherished memories to life, creating a piece that not only brings warmth to your space but also acts as a conversation starter.

Table Topper or Quilted Hanging 11″x12″ – A little “red bird” inspects her nest filled to the brim with eggs, one egg sporting a tiny red heart

3. Flowers Bees Honey

Lastly, the “Flowers Bees Honey” pattern is a testament to the simple joys of life and the sweet harmony of nature. This enchanting design features blooming flowers, buzzing bees, and pots of golden honey. It’s a lovely pattern that invites you to play with vibrant colors and different stitches, making each flower and bee come alive. With summer approaching, it’s the perfect time to welcome this design into your crafting portfolio, bringing a piece of nature’s melody into your home.

Embroidered Hoop Design – 8″ diameter – Honor bees in the tireless work they do as they create sweet Honey for all of us!

All of these patterns are available in three formats. Check our website for the version you prefer. These patterns are all due to arrive next month so place your orders now!

We hope these designs inspire your next crafting journey. These patterns are fantastic individually, but together they offer a unique storytelling series – from the comfort of home, the love within, to the sweetness of nature. Bird Brain Designs continues to uplift our crafting spirits, providing us with elegant and original patterns. We can’t wait to see what you create with these designs!

Happy Crafting!

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