Mini Quilts are Hot Part Four

After writing three articles on mini quilts, the promotional materials for a new Jo Morton book arrived!  Frankly, it won’t be out until May – but it needs to be on your radar as you are planning classes and events for this year.
The cover is the only image I have, so I blew it up as big as possible.  This collection of some of her favorite patterns are a delight to stitch.  Jo shared tips and tricks that will make you not only stitch them – but stitch them well!
Decorating your home with mini quilts addt a touch of charm and love in unexpected places and ways.  I’ll share more photos when they are available, but for now, her reputation speaks for itself!

3 thoughts on “Mini Quilts are Hot Part Four

  1. After reading Penny’s four part series on mini quilts I’m excited and energized to try my skills at making one or two or . . . Great info! Thanks.

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