Ring Around the Wreath

When Poorhouse Designs wreaths are the #1 and 2 top patterns and the Bosal forms is the #1 interfacing, it is time to shout it from the rooftops!


With just three fabrics, this is the Fold N Stitch Wreath (#PQD-210) is the perfect pattern to kit in a variety of seasonal fabrics! They won’t be able to buy just one!  Include the Bosal pre-cuts in the kit.  These are cut to the exact size they need – in the quantity they need so who can resist this time saver?


437-12BThis hexagon version (#PQD211)is simply darling – and is a smaller version at 14″ (The original is 21″).  Once again create the perfect kit:  three fabrics and the Bosal pre-cuts a(#437-12B)that are such a time saver!.  Have plenty of these ready for your upcoming summer events!

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