New Reliable Iron

The Velocity 180IR boasts a patented built-in steam generator that ensures a continuous supply of steam without any leakage issues. Unlike traditional irons prone to leaks and spitting, Velocity irons utilize patented 2-heating element and micro-pump technology. This system pre-heats water and converts it into steam before it reaches the soleplate, guaranteeing consistent steam output even at low temperatures.

Equipped with three manual heat settings to Eco, Auto, and Turbo, the Velocity 180IR steam iron tackles stubborn wrinkles effortlessly while remaining gentle on delicate fabrics. Its eco and turbo settings offer versatility for various garment types. Look at the quantity of steam holes!

This iron features:
Compact Vapor Generator that Produces Endless Steam with No Leaks.
Three Temperature Settings for Versatile Ironing.
Coridium Ceramic Soleplate for Durable Performance.
8 Minute Auto Off for Enhanced Safety Features.
360┬░Swivel Cord for Flexible and Tangle-Free Operation – Perfect for Right and Left Handers
Wattage 1800W
Weight 4.05 lbs
Power Cord Length 8.2′
Warranty 1 year limited

They are due to arrive next month. Enjoy a quality iron at a spectacular price!

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