Lefties Celebrate!

Be still my left-handed heart! Creative GridsĀ® has just released two true left-handed rulers! I no longer have to read the numbers upside down! These rulers have all of the great features we know and love – but are a mirror image of the original rulers.

These left-handed beauties have an imprint of a left hand right on the ruler so you don’t get them confused! (I am keeping both versions so I have them for my right-handed friends!)

They are available in our most popular rectangle and square sizes.

Creative Grids Left Handed Quilt Ruler 6-1/2in Square

Please spread the word! We are only going to get tools that truly work for us if we support the efforts of companies such as Creative GridsĀ® who are willing to support the 7% of the population that see the world a little differently!

These are in stock, so order them now!

2 thoughts on “Lefties Celebrate!

  1. Please thank Checker, as a lefty who struggles with righthanded rulers this will be a game changer-no more errors. Where can I buy these? I live in Dunedin, FL. and all the quilt shops have closed here. Is there an online source?

  2. Visit Creative Grids USA for a list of stores and on-lind stores who carry them.

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