A New Twist on a Sampler Quilt

Greetings to our lovely community of avid quilters! We have some exciting news that has us all bursting with anticipation. Andy Knowlton of A Bright Corner has launched a fresh, new pattern that we know you’re going to absolutely adore. It’s called “Wholehearted”, and it’s truly a testament to Knowlton’s talent for innovative design and her extraordinary flair for merging tradition with the contemporary.

Wholehearted by A Bright Corner, is a sampler-style quilt pattern using six classic blocks, each with multiple layout options so each quilt will be unique. It is a fat quarter-friendly pattern that includes four size options: crib, throw, twin, and queen.

The Wholehearted quilt pattern features a delightful combination of simplicity and charm. It’s the perfect testament to Knowlton’s signature style – a marriage of the classic and the modern. And as you’d expect from any pattern designed by A Bright Corner, Wholehearted is versatile, approachable, and filled with opportunities for creative exploration.

This would be a perfect summer sampler class for children as well as adults. The pattern includes instructions for six blocks, but additional blocks could be added to teach a variety of techniques. And, since it is fat quarter friendly, kitting is a breeze!

A Showcase of Creativity

Wholehearted is all about the power of simplicity. It features a large, heart-shaped patchwork design at its center, perfect for showcasing a favorite fabric or for expressing your love in a more symbolic fashion. It is composed of squares and half-square triangles, making it an accessible project for quilters of all levels.

The quilt pattern offers sizes for baby, throw, and twin quilts, so you have a host of possibilities for your Wholehearted creation. Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or a beginner just getting your feet wet, this pattern is a wonderful canvas for experimentation with colors, prints, and textures.

Effortlessly Adaptable

One of the standout features of the Wholehearted pattern is its adaptability. It truly shines when quilters inject their personality into the pattern, adjusting color schemes and fabric choices to suit their unique aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a vintage-inspired, whimsical, or modern quilt, this pattern allows you to explore those styles and more.

Easy-To-Follow Instructions

A Bright Corner is renowned for providing crystal clear, detailed instructions, and the Wholehearted pattern is no exception. Quilters will find comprehensive directions, diagrams, and suggestions in the pattern packet. Knowlton’s deep commitment to ensuring a smooth, rewarding quilting experience is evident in every page.

Celebrating Love and Generosity

At its heart, Wholehearted celebrates love, warmth, and generosity. It’s the perfect project for a personal keepsake or a heartfelt gift to a loved one. If you’ve been searching for a pattern to convey your feelings or to encapsulate memories, the Wholehearted quilt pattern might be the perfect fit.

We’re thrilled to see the beautiful creations our community will bring to life with the Wholehearted pattern. It’s a welcome addition to the rich catalog of designs by A Bright Corner and one that we’re certain will inspire countless quilts in the months and years to come.

Keep stitching from the heart, and remember, the beauty of a quilt is not just in the pattern, but in the love and care that goes into each stitch. Happy quilting!

The pattern is due to arrive in the middle of June so place your orders now!

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