A New Take on a Block of the Month

Chocolatier is the latest block of the month from gen x Quilters.


This 72″ square quilt features a creative setting that will appeal to everyone and gives you the opportunity to teach the basics.  At just $3.00 a month, the cost is also affordable to everyone.


GX121-2 GX121-3 GX121-4 GX121-5 GX121-6 GX121-7 GX121-8

GX121-9 GX121-10 GX121-11 GX121-12












































Why not give traditional blocks a whole new life in this modern version?  Simply striking!  There is a shop guide to help you get started AND the patterns are available individually or in complete sets! They are due in this month so you can have a sample done by Christmas…

4 thoughts on “A New Take on a Block of the Month

  1. I just received my set of these patterns along with the shop guide. I was disappointed due to the fact that the patterns, kitting and buying guide, cutting instructions, etc. are all pretty specific to particular RJR lines. It would be difficult to choose different colors or use other lines since everything is color coded according to the RJR fabrics. I won’t be using them as a BOM. I think this should have been clearly stated in the description. Is there anyone that would like to purchase my copies?!

  2. Most of the colors used are solids. Many pattern vendors use specific fabric lines in their patterns and make their color coding according to that line. The designer also provided 3 different color ways to make it easier for a shop to customize the kitting.

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