Zig-Zag Quilting at It’s Best

UThis Zig-Zag ruler by Cotton Cottage Press comes in two sizes.  The original cuts a 5″ square from a strip set – and when the squares are pieced together, unique zig-zag patterns are formed.

Item #ZZLG  Retail $16.00

Look at the patterns that they have already designed with it!  This geometric pattern called Diamond Trip features the design in four sizes.

Item #DTZZR  Retail $8.00

Setting the blocks in a different way accents the pieced diamond that is created in Unchained Pattern.

Item #UCZZR  Retail $8.00

And, look at the unique pinwheel that is formed by turning the blocks and setting them together with sashings and corner posts.

Item #WDZZR  Retail $8.00

This template is also available in a 2 1/2″ size – so four of these can be combined to form one of the larger version.  Windy Day combines both sizes to maximum effect!

Item #PPZZR  Retail $8.00

Here is the “Mini” size….

Item #ZZSM-2  Retail $8.00

And to think they were all created from simple strip sets!  Talk about a great demo!!!

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