The Creative Grids Tumbler has a Little Sister

Before I tell you about the newest member of the Creative Grids family, we need to take care of some business!!  As a company, we decided not to release any rulers until we had companion patterns/books to go with it – and, everything would be in stock and ready to ship the week we told you about it!  We have released four rulers this month -that will be showcased at Spring Market – and have been true to our word.  We have also started advertising in retail magazines and have developed a very active Facebook page.  SOOOOO now your customers are contacting us because they can’t find the rulers!!!

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I love tumblers – and with the success of the Creative Grids Double Strip Tumbler – we know you do too!  That is why we decided it was time for a “mini”!  The original cuts tumblers that are four inches high  – fast, fun and easy!

Item #CGRDBSTUMB  Retail $26.95

To see the patterns that support the original, visit our website:  //

But today, I want to introduce the next generation!  This baby cuts tumblers that finish 2″ high!

Item #CGRSRTUMB  Retail $24.45

The negative space between the Tumblers is the exact same shape and size as the acrylics so you can cut NINE tumblers each time you position the ruler.  If you cut the fabric on the fold, you can cut 18 tumblers out of each 2 1/2″ strip…..and if you stack four strips, you can cut 72 tumblers in less than five minutes!!!  There is even a horizontal line through the center of each tumbler so you can cut them from pieced 1 1/2″ strips!  What a great way to use up scraps!

And, as promised, Carolyn Griffin has written several Cut Loose Press patterns that showcase this ruler.

Jelly Jars is a wonderful version of a scrappy tumbler quilt!

Item #CLPCGR001

This place mat is cut from pre-cut 2 1/2″ squares.  Just place one of the acrylic shapes over a stack and you can cut out them out in a matter of minutes!

Candy cups is fast, fun and easy!

Item #CLPCGR002

In Tablelands, Carolyn cut every other template!  How clever is this!  I want to try it with ALL of our strip rulers…..

Item #CLPCGR003

These three patterns are Cut Loose Press so they are simple to sew and easy on the pocketbook!  And, don’t forget to demo this puppy!  Your customers will love you for it!

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