Half Square Triangles made easy

I love Triangles on a Roll – and now they have a new home! Its Sew Emma is now producing them in ten different sizes from 1 to 6 inches.

And in typical Its Sew Emma style, they support them with a wonderful book featuring sixteen different projects. Eight different sizes of half-square triangles are showcased.

Triangles On A Roll Quilts Book

These Triangles on a Roll come in seventeen different sizes from one to seven inches and multiple half and quarter-inch sizes in between. Check out our website to view all of the possibilities: Triangles on a Roll

Add the awe factor with pieced borders

We’ve all been there….a customer comes in with a baby quilt and wants you to do the math to turn it into a queen sized masterpiece.  And, when you do the math, they would have to add 24″ borders to all four sides!  Triangle Paper on a Roll has come to the rescue!






Item #QRH15225  Retail $14.00

Triangle Paper on a Roll uses their  Sew and Fold technique to create four different triangle borders.  Each “roll” is 50 feet long – more than enough to piece all four sides of a king size quilt!

The can be pieced in a three inch or a six inch finished size – and in four different angles:  22 1/2 degrees, 36 degrees, 45 degrees, and 60 degrees.







Item #QRH1536  Retail $14.00


Item #QRH1545  Retail $14.00

QRH1560 (1)





Item #QRH1560  Retail $14.00

Why not duplicate angles that are already in the quilt and carry them into the border for that awe factor?  It has never been easier.