Cut and Sew those Scraps FAST

I flat out LOVE this ruler!  It has become my favorite go to scrap ruler.  I;m telling you right now, be careful or it will suck you right in!  This little beauty is called The Straight Out of Line ruler.


Item #CGRKA3  Retail $19.45

In its simplest form, place a stack of fabric squares – right sides up – under the appropriate markings on the template up to ten inches.  Then cut the angle. Piece these units together to create a rectangle.  Trim them all up to the same size size.  Since the angled seam doesn’t have to match anything, it is very forgiving – and is the perfect beginning quilt.

In Twirl, Karla sews four of these units together to create the block.  And guess what – nothing has to match except the center seam – which is a right angle!  And since all of the blocks are trimmed to the same size, it goes together perfectly – and the outside edges of the block are on the straight of grain!


Item #CLPKAL002

In Against the Rail, she adds a strip of bright red to the blocks – wow!  Again, see how the angled seams add movement but nothing has to match?


Item #CLPKAL001

In Zig, she set the blocks on point for a totally different look!  What a fast and easy baby quilt, beach quilt, graduation quilt… get the picture!

Microsoft Word - 426 - Zig cover.docx

Item #SSQ426  Retail $9.00

In Old Glory, she pieces them in rows.  Any fireworks in your future?


Item #SSQ500  Retail $5.00

And in Vice Versa she plays with color placement and vertical stripes.


Item #SSQ502  Retail $5.00

Look what happens when you cut the squares both vertically AND horizontally – and piece wonky four-patches.  The centers are still right angles so they are a piece of cake!

Whirlwind is created with these wonky four-patches and look how the border is a continuation of the blocks achieved by color placement!


Item #SSQ420  Retail $9.00

Chain Reaction is pieced with the same four-patches but once again, color placement creates a masterpiece!


Item #SSQ421  Retail $9.00

Chains that Bind combine these blocks with solid squares to create a fast and easy version of a Double Irish Chain.


Item #SSQ427  Retail $9.00

This Churn Dash combines half-square triangles with these four-patches.  Once again, look at her color placement!

Microsoft Word - 431 - Churn Dash cover.docx

Item #SSQ431  Retail $9.00

Cut the squares a different way and you can create these beauties:

Fresh Cut creates movement – and once again the block continues into the border…


Item #SSQ401  Retail $9.00

Window View takes these same blocks and separates them so they stand alone in their own narrow window pane:


Item #SSQ408  Retail $9.00

Seriously – would you have thought that all of these quilts were made with the same tool – that sells for under $20.00????  This tool is a true stashbuster!  The quilts go together so quickly that your scraps can be keeping someone warm before the next snowfall – and here, that is coming next week!



























You have Permission to get Out of Line!

The Straight Out of Line ruler by Karla Alexander is one of my favorite gadgets!  This ruler cuts four to ten inch squares in half on an angle so you can cut seven different sizes from one tool for under twenty bucks!  NOW I’ve got your attention!  This ruler is so much fun that Karla has designed four more patterns around it so you have even more reasons to add it to the top of your demo list!

Item #CGRKA3  Retail $18.95

I love the quilts that feature these wonky style pinwheels but most of the tools on the market create bias edges.  Since the Straight Out of Line ruler cuts the pieces from squares, the bias edges are cut and pieced so the integrity of the block is maintained!  The outside edge of the block is totally on the straight of grain!

This ruler was created to piece wonky four- patches.  But in Against the Rail, only one seam is sewn, so the resulting piece is a rectangle – unless you add a strip of red!  Talk about adding the AWE factor!  This is the perfect beginner quilt because there are no seams to match in the blocks.  All of the blocks can be squared up to the same size, so as long as the seam is consistent, your students will be successful!  There are the same amount of seams per row, so everything will fit together!  And, since this is a Cut Loose Press pattern, it is reasonably priced and a great companion to a ruler demo!

Item #CLPKAL001

“Twirl” uses the same template to cut and piece a diagonal seam – but this time, the coloration creates the paddle wheel effect.  Again, beginners can square up the blocks to a consistent size and everything will match as long as their seam allowance is consistent – and everything will be on the straight of grain!!!!  Again, this is a Cut Loose Press pattern so you can entice your customers at a very reasonable price!

Item #CLPKAL002

“Fresh Cut” uses the same tool to create wonky four-patches for an entirely different look!  It gives the illusion of curves without the work!

Item #SSQ401  Retail $9.00

Take those same four-patches and piece them into sixteen-patches in “Window with a View”.  Look how different this looks when a sashing and corner posts are added!

Item #SSQ408  Retail $9.00

“Whirlwynd” is created with the same ruler – but looks completely different!  These quilts are a great way to study fabric choices and placement!  It will be available to ship by the end of the month.

Item #SSQ420  Retail $9.00

“Chain Reaction” puts a whole new spin on a Double Irish Chain!  And, yes, it uses the exact same tool!  This one will also be available at the end of the month.

Item #SSQ421  Retail $9.00

When have you ever had this much variety for under $20.00???

It is even featured in her book:

Item #B1121T  Retail $24.99

With this kind of added support, it is time to re-visit a ruler that is destined to be a classic!

Simple Patterns with Learning Opportunities

Cut Loose Press prints affordable patterns that all have one thing in common – they showcase specific notions and products so that you can feature them in demos and classes.  Your customers can then take the tool home and make something with it that they will absolutely love.  For shop owners, these patterns have the additional bonus of being printed on paper that isn’t readable when copied, are printed with the shop contact information on them, are never sold in chains, and since they are printed on demand – are guaranteed to always be in stock!

This revolutionary program is now running like a fine tuned machine!  Think about it – nothing like this program has ever been possible…..until now!  This is a perfect example of using the latest technology to everyone’s advantage – and the response has been amazing!

Many of your favorite designers are submitting patterns every day.  Here is an example of the latest offerings…

Karla Alexander created Against the Rails to feature her Straight Out of Line ruler by Creative Grids.  I love the touches of red that make this simple quilt a show stopper.  To watch Karla demonstrate the ruler, visit our website at:  //

Item #CLPKAL001

Item #CGRKA3  Retail $18.95

Kathy Schmitz is a featured artist at Quiltcon in Austin next month.  For this design, Kathy uses a 2 ply – 12 weight Sulky thread to do her embroidery (Item #712-1005).  It is reasonably priced and comes on a spool so it doesn’t have to be wound from skeins.  Aren’t you curious???  Satisfy your curiosity for a suggested retail of $1.69.  Now that’s a no-brainer!

Item #CLPKSC001

This embroidery design showcases the frixion pens.  They are a great way to mark embroidery designs since the markings are removed when pressed!  Since Kathy is known for her blackwork, she uses a black pen so it matches the embroidery thread.

Item #FX7BLK  Retail $2.63

And, this embroidery design fits in a standard 5″ x 7″ frame!

Kathy Seal designed Sherbert Punch with the Creative Grids CGRT90.  Kathy sewed strips together to create the alternate blocks in this quilt….

Item #CLPKSE004

This new addition to the CGR line is 8 1/2″ high – which means you can sew together strip sets to measure up to 8 1/2″ and cut them into quarter-square triangles.  When sewn these strip pieced units will measure 16 1/2″!  Again, there are videos on our website to teach you how to demo the tool:  //

Item #CGRT90  Retail $18.95

Larene Smith created this heart wall hanging or small baby quilt just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Item #CLPSM001

This quilt features the Lil Twister, which is featured on Checker You.

Item #LILTWISTER  Retail $9.85

Our favorite Swirly Girls created this banner that is fat quarter friendly to showcase their new buttons by Dill.  The center of these buttons feature nine holes so they can be embroidered with any letters or designs.  What a sweet baby gift!

Item #CLPSGD002

Visit our website to see the entire collection of buttons:  //

Sometimes we need a quilt that is quick, easy and fun – and is the type of quilt that your customers will make again and again.  American Hopscotch is such a quilt.  Feature it in your next Quilts of Valor day.

Item #CLPRFI005

This quilt is cut with the CGY1 ruler.  With so many quilts featuring pre-cuts – and those sizes, why confuse beginners with all of the other markings???

Item #CGRY1  Retail $25.95

These patterns have become very popular and new ones are being added each week.  Therefore, we have added a new feature to our home page.  On the left hand side, you can push a button to go directly to the Cut Loose Press section of the website or click a button that will take you to the ones that have been added in the last 30 days.  Check back often!