Thanks for the Memories – Open House in Pictures – Part One

This event is all about education – and our vendors are eager to share their knowledge with everyone.  Inspiration resides in every booth – and around every corner…

Rita Fishel demonstrated the three newest Creative Grids rulers….


Dawn from the Warm Company was thrilled to announce that Steam-A-Seam 2 is back….





The mother/daughter team from Fishsticks Patterns shared their wonderful handbags and projects…


Both of Edyta’s new books arrived in time to be autographed at the Open House so she had a big smile on her face….


Maddie and Steve of Quiltsmart celebrated their anniversary with us…


Fran and Michael of Clover shared their newest notions.  Fran officially retires at Market so we were thrilled that we were one of her final shows….


They all got the memo – black was the official outfit for the Round Robin Rebels – Terri Degenkolb of Whimsicals; Kari Carr of New Leaf Stitches; and Gudrun Erla of GE Designs….


Robin Kingsley of Bird Brain Designs was an absolute delight and wowed everyone with her new fabric and embroidery designs….


These sisters from Sister’s Common Threads are the brains behind the iron caddy and shared their new patterns…


Jill Finley of Jillily Studios shared her new program.   She is famous for her wonderful applique projects so you may know her as the inventory of Appli-glue…


Kendall from Silhouette amazed everyone when they saw what is possible when quilting meets technology…


Coleen helped shops design their space with the efficient fabric display cabinets built by her company…


The gals from Adornit provided that “awe” factor when they displayed their wonderful baby quilt fabric lines and patterns…


The girls from Sew Michelle showed everyone how to incorporate vinyl mesh into their projects…


They were all smiles – as you can see – and a delight to work with!


Round Robin Rebels Reunion at Open House – Part Three

And yet another colorway…

Round Robin Rebels Unite


Item #CLPGER006; Item #CLPKCA004; Item #CLPKCA005; Item #CLPTDE001; CLPTDE002 

Terri Degenkolb of Whimsicals took elements of this design to create Table Jacks using 15 degree (CGREU1) and 30 degree (CGRSG1) angles.


Item #WH175  Retail $10.00

Who doesn’t want quilts everywhere – including the floor???  I LOVE this project but don’t have a place for it so I am doing a “half version” for my bath and beside the bed.  Petal Power features 15 degree angles (CGREU1).

Petal Power


Item #WH173  Retail $10.00

Summer Fun is a breeze with the Circle Savvy (CGRSAV1).



All Geared Up is a great design to showcase a feature fabric – and combines 15 (CGREU1), 30 (CGRSG1) and 60 (CGRT60) degree angles.


Item #WH167  Retail $12.00

Hexie Blossoms once again combines 15, 30 and 60 degree angles:


Item #WH171  Retail $10.00

Kitty Corner is just plain fun!


Item #WH174  Retail $10.00

And Taffy Pull is a great strip quilt…


Item #WH176 Retail $10.00

Come see Terri at the Open House and learn the tricks that make these quilts a piece of cake!

Round Robin Rebels Reunion at Open House – Part Two

This Round Robin Rebels Unite quilt looks totally different.  Learning to choose fabrics is part of the experience.


Item #CLPGER006; #CLPKCA004; #CLPKCA005; #CLPTDE001; & #CLPTDE002

Gudrun loves hexies as well and created these quilts with the CGRJAW4 (Retail $24.45),

Strip Lash


Item #GE160  Retail $9.00

Strip to Shore


Item #GE161  Retail $9.00

Strip Burst

This beauty was created with the 60 degree (CGRT60):


Item #GE162  Retail $10.00


This table runner is a perfect afternoon class.  Come see how easy it is – and it is quilt as you go so they can actually finish it!  And, at this price, it is reasonable to kit as well.


Item #GE164  Retail $6.50

Strip Cocoon

And strips never looked so good….


Item #GE163  Retail $10.00

Strip to the Beach


Item #GE165  Retail $6.50

Come see Gudrun at the Open House and see how you can incorporate her designs into your next class schedule.







Round Robin Rebels Reunion at Open House – Part One

When Kari Carr of New Leaf Stitches designed a ruler for Creative Grids, she called her quilting friends – better known as the Round Robin Rebels – and asked them to create a quilt showcasing the new Kite ruler.  The quilt can be created by your friends/customers in five rounds (Item #CLPGER006; #CLPKCA004; #CLPKCA005; #CLPTDE001; & #CLPTDE002).


Kari Carr, Gudrun Erla and Terri Degenkolb will be sharing a booth at our Open House to introduce their Round Robin Rebels program.  (Yes, they are willing to take this program on the road and lecture and teach at your event.)  This program is so successful because these ladies are renowned designers individually.

This quilt combines 15 degree (CGREU1); 30 degree (CGRSG1) and 60 degree (CGRKC1) angles.  Sew together a 60 and two 15’s to create a ninety degree with style!  But they didn’t stop there.  They have created an entire series of patterns that showcase these ruler combinations.

The Kite Ruler


Item #CGRKC1  Retail $24.45

All of these projects are made with this ruler:

Kite Runner


Item #CLPKCA002

Pieced Rose Star


Item #CLPKCA003

Candy Corn


Item #CLPKCA006

Striped Kites


Item #NLS141  Retail $6.50

Spring Sky

This project incorporates 30 degree angles as well (CGRSG1).


Item #NLS142 Retail $6.50


And look what happens when you add 120 degree angles (CGR120R) to the 60 (CGRKC1) and 30 (CGRSG1).


Item #NLS143  Retail $9.00

Tick Tock Clocks

Add some style to every room with Kari’s clocks created with 30 degree angles (CGRSG1).


Item #NLSB114  Retail $16.00

Come visit with Kari at the Checker Open House.

Round Robin Rebels Unite

The Round Robin Rebels are a group of your favorite designers who became friends at Market and decided to work on a quilt together.  Gudrun Erla of GE Designs organized the original challenge that appeared in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  It was a huge success so when Kari Carr of New Leaf Stitches wanted to design a ruler for Creative Grids, Terri Degenkolb of Whimsicals and Gudrun decided to do it again.

Round Robin Rebels Unite was born:


Item #CLPTDE002

Kari Carr designed the Creative Grids Kite Plus ruler that just arrived in the warehouse this week.  The concept is brilliant – combine the ever popular 60 degree triangle with a 120 degree triangle to create a Kite.  But since the kite is created with these angles, the corners are 90 degrees so this shape can be incorporated into any design that uses 30, 60 and 90 degree angles.  Talk about design potential – and these designers blew it out of the water!










Item #CGRKC1  Retail $24.45

This is THE perfect series of classes for every shop because there are learning opportunities each step of the way – and since they are CLP patterns, they are affordable so your customers can invest in the tools they learn how to use along the way!

Lesson #1:  This is a class in color and design.  Before your students arrive, choose  some feature fabrics to inspire them.  Then show them how to round out their color palette.  They can learn from each other and buy the tools they need for the next class.  Demonstrate the ruler so they know how to cut out the pieces and are ready to sew at the next class.

Lesson #2:  Kari designed a center square that combines four sixty degree and four thirty degree triangles (CGRSQ1).

This block has inset points – and I NEVER do inset points – until Kari told me how!  They were perfect the first time – and every time since!  I can now say that I can do inset points!!!  And your students can too!  The holes in the ruler make it a piece of cake!  She used her Clearly Perfect Angles tool (Item #NLS-CPA08) to add the yellow tips that make this design look complex – but it is of so easy.


Item #CLPKCA004

Lesson #3

Kari added a sashed strip-pieced border BUT the black accent is actually a folded fabric inserted in the seam that adds a new design element – and technique to teach your students.










Item #CLPKCA005

Lesson #4:  Then Gudrun used the Creative Grids 15 degree ruler (Item #CGREU1) to create the blades in the corners.  Setting the quilt on point by using these blades as corner triangles is brilliant!  Your students will want to use this technique next time they are using side setting triangles!


Item #CLPGER006

Lesson #5

Terri designed the final border.  Don’t you love the way she turned these corner angle blocks into the jacks we played with as children?  Adding the circles also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the Karen Kay Buckley circles (Item #95088).  They also soften the look of the entire quilt – and can cover any piecing imperfections! She also combined two 15 degree triangles with the Kite Plus 60 degree angle to create the corner blocks.  I LOVE the math!










Item #CLPTDE001

Lesson #6:  Use this lesson to show them how to put all of the units together and celebrate with an outstanding show and tell!  Post the pictures on the Creative Grids Facebook page.  We can’t wait to see them!

Checker is hosting a school house featuring the Round Robin Rebels in room 360 at Spring Market at 3:30.  Kari, Terri and Gudrun will be there to show this quilt in three colorways – and share their journey…..and help you to begin your own!