My new book has arrived!

Writing a book is like giving birth!  You invest almost a year of your life into writing it – and then one day it arrives for all the world to see.

I know this is self-serving, but bare with me!  If I ever give birth to another child, you are going to see that as well!  At my age,Lord help us all!

Quilt Block Fusion contains ten techniques that I developed to make it possible for anyone to successfully piece miniature blocks.  But, all of these techniques can be used in larger blocks as well.  After all, if you can piece a six inch block, a larger version is a piece of cake!



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It is easy to achieve perfection when paper-piecing blocks.  This table runner introduces everyone to the basics – but notice that the fabrics are fussy cut as well.  All of the print fabric comes from the same stripe.


Any of the blocks in the book can be substituted in this simple design to showcase them beautifully.  Adding Pieced Applique to this basic block, creates a totally different look.

2012-01-04 21.15.05  2012-01-04 21.15.21

Adding four triangles to the paper-pieced foundation creates the flying geese units on point.  The triangles are turned so this creates an heirloom quality block.  And, by placing the applique on top, you can guarantee that all your points match perfectly.

Notice that the center square is fussy cut!  It is oh sew easy and adds a dramatic touch to all of your projects.  The cover quilt showcases all of the blocks and techniques in the book – and sets them in a fussy cut paper-pieced star.  It looks like you worked really hard, but again it is so simple!

2013-04-05 16.25.33

Once again, this dramatic setting can be used to showcase any block.   Since the star points are paper-pieced, the foundations can be blown up to any size you need.

In this basket table topper, your students can learn traditional paper-piecing by creating the flying geese sashings.  The basket is actually paper-pieced in a matter of minutes by combining paper-piecing with pieced segments and flipped back appliques.  It is so fast and easy that  you will want to reduce the foundation and createe an entire basket quilt of minis.  I can’t wait to start on mine….I’ve already got the fabric.


In Black Tie Affair, a 6″ block becomes a 36″ table topper by paper-piecing a star within a star!  Talk about getting a lot of bang for you buck!  This is a great project for those customers who have inherited a few blocks and want to share them with all of their family members.


In Grandma Emma’s Garden, Grandmother’s Flower Gardens were machine pieced and appliqued between strip pieced rows.  They were sewn totally on the machine in less than six hours!


Or fussy cut each hexagon and then piece them on the machine as well….

2012-08-05 18.46.21



Or, piece a round Dresden Plate by using a template so the outside edge is turned perfectly AND once again, you can make 24 of these in less than six hours!  The pointed version is even easier….


2012-08-05 16.39.39

   2012-03-26 14.47.31

This book has it all – new and exciting techniques; projects that incorporate them – and can be switched to showcase the blocks you want to teach; and enough illustrations to guarantee that even beginners will be successful.

Turn each technique into a class!