Sharp Blades at a Sharp Price

I wrote about these blades a few months ago when we first started carrying them.  I ordered them and shared with over a dozen of my quilting friends.  Drum roll please!  They could not tell the difference between this brand – and the brand that they were currently using! They ALL wanted to order them!  And at this price?  You will change your blade when it needs changing so rotary cutting just became a lot easier.

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The blades come in four types or sizes: the most popular 45 degree; 60 degree; 28 degree; and a 45 degree skip blade.  The skip blade cuts holes 1/4″ apart so it is the perfect choice for those who would like to crochet an edging on Cuddle Spa, fleece and flannel.

The RETAIL price is less than half of the wholesale price of many brands so why not do your own test???  You and your customers will be glad you did.


AFFORDABLE Rotary Cutting Blades

Precision Quilting Tools offers rotary cutting blades in three different sizes – 28mm; 45mm; and 60mm; as well as a Skip blade in the 45mm size.  Drumroll please – AND for almost a third of the price of the current top selling blades.  They are made from high-quality carbide steel for blades that stay sharper and last longer.  They are pre-lubricated to prevent rusting and corroding.

















Some staffers tried them and were happy with the results.  At $2.50 RETAIL for a 45mm blade, your customers will love them!  Why not give them a try????