Swoon over these Bags

The Swoon bags have those added touches that turn homemade into designer original – for a fraction of the cost.  They add pleather accents; metal magnets and buckles – this attention to detail makes all the difference.

SWN002   SWN004

The Blanche Barrel Bag includes side pockets for keys and a cell phone as well as piping and leather trim to add that designer touch.  The City Tote is simply a classic!

Paradiso Designs has a wide variety of Pleather to choose from in several textures to give your bag that special touch – and protect the bottom of your bag.  It is easy to cut and easy to sew.


SWN007   SWN006

Not all of the bags have leather trim.  They can be just as dramatic with a coordinating fabric.  Some of these Swoon bags are in stock, more are expected later this month.  And, did you know that we have over 600 Bag and Tote Accessories to choose from?  Check them out today.

Add the Awe Factor to all of your Bags

Paradiso Designs has created these pleather kits to add professional accents to all of your projects.  And guess what! You can cut it with a rotary cutter and sew it on your sewing machine!  Just look at the detailing on these straps – now THAT looks like a bag you would buy at a high end boutique!



Pleather comes in a variety of colors – one is sure to to provide the perfect accent to your next tote or purse.



Item #PD200-C01 

Distressed Leather


Item #PD200-CO2



Item #PD200-C03

Cranberry Metallic Croc


Item #PD200-C04

Black Croc


Item #PD200-C05

Brown Reptile


Item #PD200-C06

Bronze Reptile


Item #PD200-C07

Red Ostrich


Item #PD200-C08

Black Ostrich


Item #PD200-C09

These pleathers are available in three different kits:

Kit #1 (Item #PD200 plus the color number) – This kit retails for $15.00 and includes an 8″ x 55″ – 60″ wide strip.  This is enough pleather to create a 1″ or 1 1/2″ wide strap plus details.

Kit #2 (Item #PD201 plus the color number) – This kit retails for $15.00 and includes a two piece set:  4 1/2″ x 55″ – 60″ wide strip for a great strap plus a 10 1/2″ x 15 1/2″ piece big enough for a bag bottom or accents.

Kit#3 (Item #PD202 plus the color number) – This kit retails for $7.00 and includes a 3″ x 55 – 60″ piece, enough to make a 1″ strap or add detailing to any project.  American Girl fan?  Doll shoes and purses are easy to sew!

Paradiso Designs has incorporated these kits into several of her purse patterns.  Why not start there?  Choose one of her patterns designed with pleather as a companion and see just how easy it is to turn homemade into high style!

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This product is not only for straps.  Look at the support and detailing it adds to snap closures…


Paradiso also offers quality clasps in two different color tones:

68 finished




Gold – Item #PD300C01  Retail $8.00

Silver – Item #PD300C02  Retail $8.00

Paradiso has always been a top selling purse vendor.  Now these stand alone products make them companions for EVERY bag!