Triangles Couldn’t be Easier

Pre-cut fabrics have become the staple of every quilt shop – and anything that supports them is sure to be a best seller!

Enter Edyta Sitar.  She is known for her breathtaking color selections in scrappy quilts.  Just look at the cover of her book – Friendship Triangles.
Item #L11248  Retail $24.95

To make it easier to create this variety of fabrics, she is releasing triangle paper next month.  The papers are designed for 5″ and 10″ squares – and come in multiple sizes.  Each package includes 25 sheets.

The number of triangles created from a package depends on the size of the triangles.  For example, a package of 1 1/2″ finished triangle papers designed for five inch squares makes 200 triangles.
Item #LBQ-0523-X  Retail $6.00

The papers for ten inch squares makes 800!
Item #LBQ-0528-X  Retail $8.00

Visit our website to see all of the different sizes – and everything Edyta Sitar!  They are expected to arrive in April.