Strip your Way to These Glorious Quilts

When you have a friend like Kathy Brown – who designs such amazing quilts – it is time for me to just shut up and let the quilts speak for themselves.  (And if you know me, these quilts HAVE to be amazing to leave me speechless!)

Strip-Smart Quilts II is the sequel to her best selling Strip-Smart Quilts which was on our Top 20 list for over a year!  All 16 projects are made with the Creative Grids Double Strip 90 ruler – Item #CGRDBS90.


Item #B1176T  Retail $24.99

Each quilt is shown in a stylized shot as well as an entire image to aid in piecing – but also shows how dramatic they can be!

01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd


01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd

01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd

01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd

01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd

01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd

01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd

01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd

And, this is only HALF of them!  Once your customers learn how to use the ruler, they will want to make them all.  AND, if they already know how to use the ruler because they loved the projects in the original Strip Smart Quilts, they will be chomping at the bit to get this book as well – so order accordingly!  The book is due in this month!

Don’t forget to order the ruler as well….


Item #CGRDBS90  Retail $27.45

And for those customers who missed the first book, why not order them as well so you have a complete display…

Item #B1097T  Retail $24.99

What a great Christmas gift!

Friday Morning at Market….

Come and join some of our favorite Creative Grids designers during Take and Teach sessions at Spring Market!  Meet the ladies who created your favorite rulers and learn how to use their creations to the max!  We have two sessions every day so come join in the fun!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Swirly Girls Design
30 Degrees of Fun!

8:00 – 9:30 a.m.

Join your favorite Swirly Girls as they launch their new book and ruler.  The 30 degree triangle ruler stands alone.  12 segments create a complete circle.  This baby is so new that we haven’t released the images yet but it will be available by Market!  There will also be a couple of CLP patterns to support it.  The ruler can be combined with the ever popular Circle Savvy ruler.  You may have noticed that the Circle Savvy has 30 degree markings on it – now they will show you what to do with them!  Just picture piecing segments – and then cutting them into arcs!  Need I say more???

Item #SGDSA01  Retail $21.95

Item #CGRSAV1  Retail $35.95

Karen Montgomery
Get to the Point!

Start your morning with Karen Montgomery as she shares how to use the Triangle Series by Creative Grids.  Following the success of the popular 60 degree triangle, there are now five new angles to choose from!

Karen designed “To the Point”  as a row of the month program so you can teach all of your customers how to use them too.

Item #TQC331  $14.00

The 8 1/2″ – 45 Degree Triangle…..

Item #CGRT45  Retail $17.95

There are also individual patterns and Cut Loose Press to support them! I like to use these eight to nine inch triangles   to cut strip pieced units.  Complicated blocks can be made in a matter of minutes!  I sewed four 2 1/2″ strips together and then cut them all at once to piece this table runner in just a few hours!  And since it is a Cut Loose Press pattern, it is soooo affordable!

Ring Around the Ruler

Item #CLPPHA002

The 8 1/2″ – 90 Degree Triangle….

Item #CGRT90  Retail $18.95

In this case I sewed together 1 1/2″ and 2 1/2″ strips before I cut the units to create 16″ quarter square triangle blocks!  Nine blocks make the entire 56″ quilt!!!  Once again, it’s a CLP….

Key Lime Star

Item #CLPPHA001

Kathy Seal designed Sherbert Punch.  What a great strip pieced setting block for this quilt!

Item #CLPKSE004

Rita Fishel Designed Ojo de Dios for a totally different look – and don’t ask me what it means….but setting the blocks on point and using solids adds a dramatic touch!

Item #CLPRFI006

Renae Allen features great places for her signature machine quilting in this quilt…

Item #CLPRAL001

The 9 1/2″ Triangle Squared….

Item #CGRTMT2  Retail $19.95

Karen has developed several patterns that feature this ruler…

This Triangle in a Square Baby Quilt is absolutely adorable and goes together very quickly.  Don’t you love the mitered borders???

Item #CLPKMO001

The 9 1/2″ Perfect Rectangle…

Item #CGRTMT3  Retail $17.95

“Any 12 Will Do Runner” is a setting for any 12″ block – but the star that is shown is included in the pattern just in case you don’t have any orphan blocks in your stash!

Item #CLPKMO003

Stars on Checks combines four-patches and perfect rectangles to make a quilt that is quick and easy!

Item #TQC330  Retail $8.50

These patterns use the CGRTMT2 and CGRTMT3. Keystone is available in a table runner size as a Cut Loose Press pattern or in a quilt size from The Quilt Company…

Item #CLPKMO002

Item #TQC329  Retail $8.50

The 8 1/2″ Dresden Plate and Kaleidoscope Ruler ….

Item #CGRTKAL45  Retail $17.95

I love to use this ruler to create eight petal Dresden Plates.  Surf and Sand goes together very quickly with strip pieced sashings and borders.

Item #CLPPHA003

Several patterns in my new book also feature this ruler…It will be shown at Market – and available June 15th!

Item #L113008  Retail $24.95

These school house sessions do not include sewing machines so they will be lecture only.  You don’t have to bring anything – just show up with a smile and be prepared to have a good time!

Then, “Experience CGR” at the booth during the entire show!

Simple Patterns with Learning Opportunities

Cut Loose Press prints affordable patterns that all have one thing in common – they showcase specific notions and products so that you can feature them in demos and classes.  Your customers can then take the tool home and make something with it that they will absolutely love.  For shop owners, these patterns have the additional bonus of being printed on paper that isn’t readable when copied, are printed with the shop contact information on them, are never sold in chains, and since they are printed on demand – are guaranteed to always be in stock!

This revolutionary program is now running like a fine tuned machine!  Think about it – nothing like this program has ever been possible…..until now!  This is a perfect example of using the latest technology to everyone’s advantage – and the response has been amazing!

Many of your favorite designers are submitting patterns every day.  Here is an example of the latest offerings…

Karla Alexander created Against the Rails to feature her Straight Out of Line ruler by Creative Grids.  I love the touches of red that make this simple quilt a show stopper.  To watch Karla demonstrate the ruler, visit our website at:  //

Item #CLPKAL001

Item #CGRKA3  Retail $18.95

Kathy Schmitz is a featured artist at Quiltcon in Austin next month.  For this design, Kathy uses a 2 ply – 12 weight Sulky thread to do her embroidery (Item #712-1005).  It is reasonably priced and comes on a spool so it doesn’t have to be wound from skeins.  Aren’t you curious???  Satisfy your curiosity for a suggested retail of $1.69.  Now that’s a no-brainer!

Item #CLPKSC001

This embroidery design showcases the frixion pens.  They are a great way to mark embroidery designs since the markings are removed when pressed!  Since Kathy is known for her blackwork, she uses a black pen so it matches the embroidery thread.

Item #FX7BLK  Retail $2.63

And, this embroidery design fits in a standard 5″ x 7″ frame!

Kathy Seal designed Sherbert Punch with the Creative Grids CGRT90.  Kathy sewed strips together to create the alternate blocks in this quilt….

Item #CLPKSE004

This new addition to the CGR line is 8 1/2″ high – which means you can sew together strip sets to measure up to 8 1/2″ and cut them into quarter-square triangles.  When sewn these strip pieced units will measure 16 1/2″!  Again, there are videos on our website to teach you how to demo the tool:  //

Item #CGRT90  Retail $18.95

Larene Smith created this heart wall hanging or small baby quilt just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Item #CLPSM001

This quilt features the Lil Twister, which is featured on Checker You.

Item #LILTWISTER  Retail $9.85

Our favorite Swirly Girls created this banner that is fat quarter friendly to showcase their new buttons by Dill.  The center of these buttons feature nine holes so they can be embroidered with any letters or designs.  What a sweet baby gift!

Item #CLPSGD002

Visit our website to see the entire collection of buttons:  //

Sometimes we need a quilt that is quick, easy and fun – and is the type of quilt that your customers will make again and again.  American Hopscotch is such a quilt.  Feature it in your next Quilts of Valor day.

Item #CLPRFI005

This quilt is cut with the CGY1 ruler.  With so many quilts featuring pre-cuts – and those sizes, why confuse beginners with all of the other markings???

Item #CGRY1  Retail $25.95

These patterns have become very popular and new ones are being added each week.  Therefore, we have added a new feature to our home page.  On the left hand side, you can push a button to go directly to the Cut Loose Press section of the website or click a button that will take you to the ones that have been added in the last 30 days.  Check back often!

Cut Loose Press Works for You

Since Cut Loose Press was released at Fall Market, over 10,000 patterns have been sold!  And it is only getting bigger.  We are adding new patterns every week – and all I have to say is WOW!!!  To see the current selection, visit:  //

Here is one of the new patterns – and how it could work for you!  Kathy Seal designed Nested Gems.  The cover photo shows this quilt done in multiple shades of mocha.

Item #CLPKSE005  Check Website for Pricing

An alternate color way is shown on the back:

Click on this pattern: //  Four companions are recommended.

This reasonably priced pattern features the Creative Grids Rhombus.   You can’t make the quilt without the template set – which makes a great demo or class.

Item #CGRPA1  Retail $17.45

Since this template needs to be trimmed on all four sides, it is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate one of the turning mats.

Item #01-00059F  Retail $35.69

Two of the edges will be cut on the bias so Mary Ellen’s Best Press is in order.  Why not use this as an opportunity to share the latest quilter’s perfume:  Peaches and Cream?  For $3.99, who could resist???

Item #S60133  Retail $3.99

Since these blocks have two bias edges, a bias binding is in order.  This laminated sheet shows how to cut it, attach it, and join the ends where they meet!

Item #QPBS  Retail $5.99

Now, you COULD stop there and have a great demo and class – but WHY????  The rhombus template set is required – and you have now taught them how to use it!  Click on the template set:  //  More patterns and a book appear.  They have invested in the technique when they bought the template, so give them the patterns and book to support it!  Sweet and Sassy Diamonds is a book written by P.J. Anderson – the woman that designed the template set so you know it is good!

Item #L11274  Retail $27.95

There are 12 patterns in this book including these:

When you make the Maddie Bea throw, you can make a miniature version from the scraps.

Saer-Bear goes together very quickly and is a great backdrop for appliques.

Remembering Julia is an opportunity to teach them how to insert pieced rows in a quilt top.  And, sell additional yardage buy teaching them how to make a bed skirt!

Cotton Candy features four-patch diamonds.

There are also several patterns that feature this template, including this tote bag by Eazy Peazy…

Item #EPQ117  Retail $10.00

Or show them these home dec patterns:

Item #EPQ119  Retail $9.00

Item #NBD28  Retail $10.00

Now click on the other companions.  A companion to the laminated binding card is the CGRABB1 – a binding ruler that includes all of the cutting instructions right on the ruler.  You get the idea!

And, since these patterns are printed on demand, the name of your shop is printed on them!  Your customers will know where to come when they are ready for their next project!

A Must Class or Demo for the New Year

This week is the beginning of the New Year – and everyone, including your customers -are making resolutions.  Every quilter wants to finish UFO’s (unfinished objects).  In many cases, that means binding quilts.  This is the one step in quilting that many quilter’s hate but it doesn’t have to be so hard!!!

To research this article, I visited CheckerYou.  (Just click on the CheckerYou icon on the home page of the Checker Distributors site and log in with your account number and I.D.  These are the same ones that you use to order from Checker.)  This site is only available for shop owners so they can learn how to teach retail customers “how to” just about anything!

I typed binding into the search engine and viewed several demonstrations of notions that make the process easier.  These demos are done by the people who designed the tool – we go right to the experts!  Let them teach your employees – and you – how to demo the tools.  They can’t sell something they don’t know how to use – and you can’t either…

Many of these are not an either/or – they are “all of the above”!

I love the Binding Tool created by Janice Pope (the gal that made the two hour Tulip Purse famous).  This tool shows how to fold a bias binding, yardage requirements for bias bindings, and markings to cut 2 1/4″ or 2 1/2″ strips.  The end is cut to a 45 degree angle so you can cut the endings to create a seamless binding.  The tool includes an MS Tag that links to a video demonstrating how to cut a bias binding, turn the corners, and join the ends.  If you don’t have an iPhone, you can watch the video on the Creative Grids USA website.  How cool is that???

Item #CGRABB1  Retail $18.95

Every time I demonstrate this tool, everyone also wants the Worry Free Bias Binding Card by Kathy Seal.  Watch Kathy demonstrate this on CheckerYou.  This laminated card is a permanent visual of the entire process.  I love the convenience of having this available right by my sewing machine – and at $5.99 – it is a no brainer!

Item #QPBS  Retail $5.99

Even customers that know how to do every step of a binding, struggle with joining the two ends where they meet on the side of the quilt.  There are two tools that take the math out of joining the ends of the binding so it is continuous.  Videos demonstrating both are on CheckerYou.  They are both great tools – choose which one works best for you.

The Binding Tool by Susan Brown shows visuals and instructions right on the tool.

Item #TQM001  Retail $9.00

The CutRite Bind Up tool has Left and Right markings so it is impossible to cut the wrong angle and works on all widths of bindings.

Item #QP80010  Retail $9.95

I show them this old quilt that was bound with fabric cut from the straight of grain.  The edge is totally worn away since all of the wear is on the same thread.  This binding USED to be green!  Use my photo if you don’t have a quilt like this in your stash!

A picture is worth a thousand words – and a worn binding is worth the price of all of the tools shown above!!!

Standing Room Only Classes – Part One

Many  shop owners complain because they can not fill their classes.  It may all be in the presentation!  I am going to share three different classes based on very simple projects and turn them into a must attend class!  Don’t just tell them that they are going to make four place mats.  Why not spice it up like this:

Get a head start on your gift giving by making a set of four place mats in your choice of fabrics.  In this three hour class, learn how to:

  • Quilt as you go
  • Use Insul-Bright and see why it may be your batting of choice
  • Learn how to turn the binding by bringing the backing to the front
  • Press and glue the binding in place in one easy step

Item #PMFS  Retail $4.99

Go to Checker You to see Kathy Seal demonstrate how to teach this as a class.  (This is a site exclusively for shop owners that shares classes and videos from the designers.)

Kathy shows how to cut the backing one inch larger than the front and turn this fabric to create the binding.  Frankly, I was a binding snob and always used a double fold binding until I talked to Kathy.  In a very nice way, she said get over it!  It’s a place mat!  Not everything has to be an heirloom quality project – and sometimes quick and easy is best!  And using her method, the binding takes about 15 minutes!

Kathy uses Roxanne’s glue while pressing the binding in place.  The iron actually dries the glue and holds it in place so it can be stitched exactly where you want it!  Who knew????  If you didn’t know this trick, your customers won’t either!

Item #RXGL5  Retail $4.90

Use these classes as an opportunity to try different battings.  This time, feature Insul-Bright.  I love this product because you can then use the place mat as a hot pad on the table.  A nine x thirteen pan fits perfectly on a place mat.  I use the wrong side in case there is a spill – the front will still be pristine.

Insul-Bright has a reflective side that should be face up so the heat is reflected away from the table surface.  But if you are going to flip the place mat over when using it for this purpose, turn the Insul-Bright over when sewing it into the project.  Be sure to read the packaging.

Item #6345WN  Retail $7.65

Now for the presentation….Kathy shows how to set up a table setting that will make your customers drool.  Now complete a display by pulling focal fabrics that could be showcased in this design.  Showcase a completed place mat and display the class description and dates of the class.  Make every class – no matter how simple – a learning opportunity.  I have been quilting 30 years and would sign up for the class because I want to know the glue trick and haven’t bound quilts this way!  Be sure to have plenty of products available.  Kathy has eight different place mat patterns.  Once they know how to make one, they will want them all – but only if you have them available.  Don’t forget the Insul-Bright and Roxeanne’s glue.  The place mats are a bonus….

School Houses are a Must See!

School houses are scheduled the day before Market officially opens and are a great source of product information for shop owners.  These 15 minute to 30 minute sessions are opportunities for manufacturers and designers to showcase what’s new and share why you should carry it in your shop.  These sessions are a great way to choose classes and demonstrations for the next year!

We  have  a star studded cast – why not learn from the BEST???  I have spoken to all of these ladies – and been involved in the development of the topics – and they are absolutely awesome!  This is simply the best use of your time – bar none!!!

Rita Fishel
2:35 – 3:05 (Room 352F)
See the newest generation of Creative Grids Rulers
Meet the designers and the quilts that inspired the latest additions to the CGR ruler line.  Learn how to demonstrate each one and how to turn these demonstrations into sold out classes!
Rita Fishel
3:10 – 3:40 (Room 352F)
Turn those specialty rulers into maximum sales
Join the designers that make Creative Grids famous – and learn how to use their rulers as a basis for your next class!  See the latest books and patterns by these talented ladies.  Teachable moments included!
Karen Montgomery
3:45 – 4:15 (Room 352F)
“Demo Do’s and Don’ts”
Demo’s can bring dollars that have a hefty impact on your bottom line.  Learn what it takes for a successful demo and what pitfalls to avoid.
Hosted by Penny Haren and Kathy Seal
4:20 – 4:50  (Room 352F)
Class See 5 – Five Minute Demos that will increase sales and Inspire classes
Learn how to give this series of 5 minute demos in your shop – and turn those demos into classes.  Your favorite notions can now be your favorite classes!
Kathy Brown
4:55 – 5:25 (Room 362 E & F)
A New Pattern Series designed to Maximize Sales
Join Kathy Brown of The Teacher’s Pet as she shows you how to complete the sale – classes based on a pattern…including a notion,..,and made from simple pre-cut fabrics for fast and simple kitting!  Door prizes!
Penny Haren
4:55 – 5:25 (Room 352F)
Quilt shop only exclusive patterns to support the notions you love.
Cut Loose Press – developed for shops to promote and support notion sales.  Provide the complete package for demos – notions + reasonably priced patterns + shop friendly fabric cuts = increased sales.
Kathy Brown
4:55 – 5:25 (Room 362 E & F)

A New Pattern Series designed to Maximize Sales

Join Kathy Brown of The Teacher’s Pet as she shows you how to complete the sale – classes based on a pattern…including a notion,..,and made from simple pre-cut fabrics for fast and simple kitting!  Door prizes!

Joan Hawley
5:30 – 6:00 (Room 352F)
Stabilizers, Fusibles, Interfacings, Oh My…
Come learn about this Quilt Shop Only line of interfacings and take the confusion out of these products!

Place Mats hit the Trifecta

Kathy Seal is a shop owner who has provided you with the means to create the perfect trifecta – class/demo/and kit!  These patterns are already into their second printing – and if you move now – will be kitted with a display sample by the end of the week!

The concept is brilliant!  Each placemat is a quilt as you go project so when they are done, they are DONE!  The backing is brought to the front for the binding so that will be completed too!  When is the last time you taught a class and they walked out with a gift ready to wrap???  These are so simple, they will want to make them for every occasion…

Framed Seasons has a perfect center section that can showcase great holiday prints or your customers can personalize it by adding a name or applique.

Item #PMFS  Retail $4.99

On the Side features a strip to place the silverware and has a more modern look….

Item #PMOTS  Retail $4.99

Picture Perfect…

Item #PMPP  Retail $4.99

Woven Wonder…

Item #PMWW  Retail $4.99

Kathy is coming down next week to do a demonstration of these placemats for CheckerYOU.  By the time you have everything in stock and pick out your fabric, you will be able to watch how to demo it to your customers.  Checker aims to please!  If you are coming to the Open House, Kathy will tell you exactly how she has sold hundreds of these kits and patterns in her store – learn from the best!!!