A Classic Revisited

The Creative Grids Double Strip 90 ruler was the most requested ruler at Road to California.

Two ninety degree angles are attached to the top of a 2-1/2″ ruler. The negative space between the two rulers is the same size as the triangles so you effectively cut three triangles every time you move the ruler. Sew two 2-1/2″ strips or two 1-1/2″ and a 2-1/2″ strip together to create a strip set that measures 4 1/2″. Place the ruler over the strip set, lining up the bottom and nubbed top with the top and bottom of the strip set. It is that easy to cut three triangles!

Kathy Brown brought this ruler to life with her book Strip Smart Quilts II.

V and Company also used it to make this darling quilt:

There are also some creative Cut Loose Press patterns that support it:

This ruler makes for a fun class. Have everyone sew together strip sets and play with the placement to see all of the possibilities. The ruler sold out quickly but should be back in stock very soon so order what you need now!

Lunch Hour Projects in Wool

I know when a book is in the top 50 at Checker – and isn’t due to arrive until March, we have a winner. And, in this case, the reputation of the author and designer speaks volumes!





Kathy Brown of Teacher’s Pet has created fourteen of the most adorable projects that really can be completed in a lunch hour or two. Look at these charming examples:






































We all need that little something throughout the year to let people know we care. Why not teach a wool class – and kit these projects for a register display. These are the type of projects that everyone will make in quantities. After all, who could resist making journals for everyone in their book club? You get the idea! The book arrives in March – just when customers are looking for handwork for vacation travels. Stock up on wool now!

Teacher’s Pet New Woolies

Just in time for the holidays, Kathy Brown of Teacher’s Pet is releasing several new patterns that can be made in a day or two. What sets these apart from other designs? The clever and unusual ways she chooses to display them! Check out this Halloween scene displayed on a dust pan!









God Bless the Ewe S A is displayed on a grater – and can be created with wool or needle punch – either version will add that awe factor to any decor.









Apple Cider is a penny rug that is made with two different sizes of pennies and measures eight inches across – the perfect size to display your favorite battery operated candle. Autumn Mist is stitched on a gorgeous plaid background that adds a subtle depth to the piece.









These patterns are so reasonably priced that your customers will want ALL of them so order accordingly! They are all due to arrive later this month so you still have time to make samples.

Panels – the Perfect First Project

It’s summertime – and the sewing is easy…..It is the perfect time to host a mother/daughter, grandmother/granddaughter class.

This Cut Loose Press sleeping bag designed by Kathy Brown is the perfect choice.  It can be completed in an afternoon.


Item #CLPKBR003

We have several panels in stock that are sure to make every child smile….


Item #529716510715


Item #CP55017-110


Item #535521600715


Item #52337C470715


Item #554276470715


Item #CP55018-858


Item #CP55019-647


Item #CP55020-A62

You will also need some coordinating fabrics.  To see the collections, visit our website at:




Make a Mini in an Afternoon with the Strip-Smart Mini

I love this little tool!  The magic is in the square printed on the ruler.  That square allows you to use the same tool to cut half-square and quarter-square triangles.  And when you cut those shapes from strip sets and tubes, the possibilities are endless!


Item #CGRY2  Retail $14.95

Sew together three 1 1/2″ strips; a 2 1/2″ and a 1 1/2″ strip; of a 3 1/2″ strip.  Then sew two strip sets together into a tube to create any of these projects in record time!  Kathy has created four new patterns for this Market.

Rickety Rack

This particular “mini” is actually 12″ x 36″ and is a perfect class!  Change the colors for any holiday.  The new Christmas fabrics that are arriving would look like ribbon.


Item #TP3001  Retail $7.00

Denim and Dirt features 3″ pinwheels so this mini finishes to 15″.


Item #TP3004  Retail $7.00

Paradise Found is a broen pinwheel pattern that looks gorgeous in batiks!


Item #TP3002  Retail $7.00

Four Score finishes to 15″ square and showcases mini quarter=square triangles.


Item #TP3003  Retail $7.00

Or try these Cut Loose Press patterns that showcase blocks cut from tubes….

These coasters have pinked edges so a set can be made in just a few hours.  What a great hostess gift!


Item #CLPKBR008

Or brighten up your table with these eye catching place mats – again these blocks go together so quickly that you will make them for gifts.


Item #CLPKBR007

Or teach a series of classes using this book and the tool!  Your customers will love having a collection of minis to display on their wall!


Item #TP9000  Retail $15.00

Just look at the cover to envision the possibilities!  By the way, these blocks go together so quickly, I am making scrappy quilts using these mini blocks!  It is a great stash busting tool!

Take 5 just in time for Christmas

Kathy Brown’s latest Take 5 book is out just in time for Christmas.  this one includes a bit of a twist.  In this case, all 15 projects require five fat quarters and one other fabric to create stunning, quick quilts.  Most can be made in an afternoon because Kathy doesn’t do complicated!


Item #B1251T Retail $24.99

The additional fabric is not always a background.  In this case the red fabric coordinates with five fat quarters to create a lively rail fence type quilt.


This quilt uses black to create crosses in the middle of the pinwheels constructed out of the fat quarters….


This quilt has the illusion of Attic Windows blocks – without all of the work!


In this case, a focal fabric that looks like it was plucked straight from the sky is bordered by coordinates that showcase the design beautifully…



You don’t have to wait for the movie for your, in this case, five shades of grey….

Bundle the book with five fat quarters for a great Christmas gift idea.  And for those who never experienced the original – and it’s sequel…


Item #B976T  Retail $22.99


Item #B1126T  Retail $24.99

Creative Grids on the Way

Good news!  Two of the new rulers that were released at Market will arrive once again this week,  The response  to these new releases has been nothing short of amazing and we have reordered multiple times to keep up with the demand.

Gudrun Erla of GE Designs created the Stripology ruler to launch a whole new program for shops.  She not only has books and patterns to support it, she also has a shop guide with suggestions for classes.


Item #CGRGE1  Retail $54.95

The Book:


Item #GE508  Retail $16.00

The Shop Guide:


Item #GE509  Cost $8.00

The Patterns:


Item #GE167  Retail $10.00


Item #GE166  Retail $10.00

And, a Cut Loose Press pattern for good measure:


Item #CLPGER007

Kathy Brown of Teacher’s Pet released the Strip Smart Mini to rave reviews.  This ruler may be mini – but it is mighty!  Make all of the quilts in her popular Strip Smart books in a smaller size.  But that is just the tip of the iceberg.  When the wheels start turning in the head of this Louisiana gal, you know there is more to come!


Item #CGRY2  Retail $14.95

She has a book and CLP pattern to get you started as well…but once you have it in your hot little hands, you will start designing your own versions.  I know I did!

The Book:


Item #TP9000  Retail $15.00

The Cut Loose Press Pattern:


Item #CLPKBR007

We got in the second order of Jean Ann Wright’s Curvy Log Cabin last week.


Item #CGRJAW6  Retail $17.95

And, yes, there is plenty of Cut Loose Press pattern support for this ruler as well!

Wiggly Worms


Item #CLPJAW028

Fly Away with Me


Item #CLPJAW029

Ice Cream Cones


Item #CLPJAW031

Rainbow Swirls


Item #CLPJAW032

Citrus and Berries


Item #CLPJAW033

Sunshine Butterflies


Item #CLPDKR012

Package the rulers and companions together for great Christmas presents.  Order them NOW – you know they are selling fast.

Strip Smart Mini’s are here!

Kathy Brown – the genius behind the Strip Smart series of books and patterns – has designed a new template that doubles the possibilities.  The magic is in the center square. By rotating this square, you can cut half and quarter-square triangles using the same tool! The lettered markings on the template are duplicated in the patterns so placement is a snap!


Item #CGRY2  Retail $14.95

Miniature blocks and projects have never been easier! Now all of them – and so many more – can be created by sewing a combination of strips together or sub-cutting any strips up to 3 ½ inch strips.

Every quilt designed with the Strip Smart technique can be re-created in miniature with the Strip Smart Mini – and so much more!  In fact, the more we play with this template, the more possibilities present themselves.

Explore the possibilities in Kathy’s new book – Strip-Smart Friends.  All of these projects can be made in an afternoon.  Want to change the size?  Simply change the width of the strips or the number of blocks!


Item #TP9000  Retail $14.99


Make this placemat – start to finish – in an afternoon!  You can’t get any easier than that…


Item #CLPKBR007  

Come join the fun!  Kathy is already planning her second book….and the third….the ideas just keep coming!  Spend some time with Kathy at Market.  She is everywhere – in our school house session, a Take and Teach session, and the Creative Grids booth every day.  This tool is so simple!  You can teach someone how to use it in less than two minutes – and spend a lifetime pursuing the possibilities










Join us at Market for these Fantastic Take and Teach Sessions

Kathy Brown




You asked. We listened. Join us for these mini-classes taught by our Creative Grids® design team and Phyllis Meiring of In the Patch Designs. Learn how to teach, demonstrate, and market – as well as up-sell to increase sales with companion patterns & notions.

Saturday, October 25 8:00-9:30 a.m.
#324. Last Minute Christmas Class
Karen Montgomery of The Quilt Company shows how to combine Creative Grids® “Scrap Crazy 6” blocks and Christmas fabric. Schedule the perfect demo or class for your shop. Sell machines? Use this project to demonstrate the stitches on every quilter’s favorite Christmas present! Sewing machine and kits provided. Bring basic sewing supplies.

#325. Maximize Profits with Creative Grids
Jean Ann Wright shares how one simple technique can be the basis for a multitude of different blocks. Demonstrate one and sell them all! Learn the technique by making blocks with her latest ruler being released at this Market. Maximize profits with demos, patterns & fabric. Sewing machine and kits provided. Bring basic sewing supplies including a marking pen.

Sunday, October 26 8:00-9:30 a.m.
#422 Minis Are Hot!
Your favorite “Teacher’s Pet,” Kathy Brown, continues the Strip Smart craze by showing how to make gorgeous minis the easy way with her brand-new Creative Grids® ruler. Learn how to create complicated quilts with simple techniques in just a few hours.

#423. Welcome to Stripology Class!
Meet the newest member of the Creative Grids® design team – Gudrun Erla of GE Designs. Learn how to use her brand new Creative Grids® ruler to create a class or demo series. Work on class or demo samples for fantastic strip quilts from her new self-published book and Cut Loose Press™ pattern. Sewing machine provided.

#424. Wool Projects That Will Increase Your Sales
Phyllis Meiring of In the Patch Designs will show you how to create a wool program for your store. Thanks to her pre-cuts, it is very affordable. Learn how to create micro-kits with Cut Loose Press™ patterns for fast and reasonably priced wool projects. Bring basic sewing supplies.

Monday, October 27 8:00-9:30 a.m.
#515. Play Before You Pay
Rita Fishel will show you how to demonstrate the latest members of the Creative Grids® family. Use storyboards as a silent salesman in your shop. Learn how to increase sales by showcasing notions and companion patterns along the way.

#516. The Complete Package – Notions, Patterns, Kits
Spend the morning with Penny Haren and learn how to use Cut Loose Press™ patterns to their best advantage: how to kit, how to demo, how to display and how to increase sales!

Enroll today at www.quilts.com

Put this on the top of your to-do list today!  Space is limited.

A is for Animals

Kathy Brown’s new fabric line started shipping this week – and it has been worth the wait!

It has the cutest panel – and coordinates that add dimension and depth to your quilt.


Item #24448-MULT


Item #24449-YEL1


Item #24450-GRE1


Item #24451-BLU1


Item #24451-ORA1


Item #24452-BLA1


Item #24452-MUL1


Item #24453-GRE1


Item #24453-ORA1


Item #24453-RED1


Item #24453-YEL1


Item #24453-BLU1


Item #24453-DKBLU1


Item #24454-BLA1



Item #24463-MULT

Kathy already has darling quilts designed with this line in mind.  This Cut Loose Press pattern used the panel to make a sleeping bag for a child.  How cute is that???











Item #CLPKBR003

Or choose from these Peek-a-Boo Pals patterns…










Item #TP2000  Retail #12.00










Item #TP2001  Retail $12.00

These fifteen bolts are all you need to make these darling quilts – and a darling display!  Kit these up for your shop hop and they will fly off the shelves.