Best Organizer EVER

I love to applique and – until now – have never found an organizer that fits my needs.  Karen Kay Buckley is known for high quality products because she produces heirloom quality quilts.


Item #KKBPTB  Retail $35.00

Now look what happens when you fill it up!


The threads fit in the see-through pockets and scissors, needle threaders, etc. fit in the bottom pocket.  But what really makes this bag special is the ultra suede strips above the zippers.

But why listen to me, when you can hear it from the expert?  Karen says, “I just love this thread bag.  It holds my Mettler, YLI and small Auriful threads for hand applique.  Each pocket has a strip of ultra suede and a zipper across the top.  To use…open the zipper and place spools of thread across the row.  Before closing the zipper…thread a strand of thread from a spool and then take the needle through the ultra suede.  Do this with each spool in the row before closing the zipper.

Now when you hand applique you can place the bag beside you and simply pull on the tail of thread that is outside of the pocket.  This bag keeps me organized which allows me to get a lot more applique completed.”

That’s right the threads will never get tangled because you never touch the spools!  And, you can drape it right over the arm of your favorite chair!

The outside comes in a variety of fabrics – we will randomly choose for you!


Order them now so you will be the first to share them with your customers!  I can’t wait to get mine.  They should be in stock soon….

Meet the Vendors – Part Three

Karen Kay & Joseph Buckley

Her scissors are simply amazing – and the new 6″ size with the cushioned handles are spectacular.  And, your customers want more than one – one for their sewing basket, one for their sewing room, one for their sewing machine….//

2013-08-18 20.14.11


Margaret Travis & Marie Darrow of Eazy Peazy Quilts

Her book – Eazy Peazy Gifts sold out early because it is lots of fast, simple gift items that can be made with a minimum of fabric and a maximum of charm.  And, each gift can also be used to demonstrate a variety of techniques – a home run for any shop owner!!!

2013-08-18 20.12.59

Carol McLeod of Auntie’s Two

Carol makes a living by creating techniques for adults – based on the childhood memories we all share!  Who doesn’t remember weaving pot holders on a little metal frame?  I was fascinated with the adult version – it will make your customers smile as well:  //

2013-08-19 01.31.53

Ericka Wright and Jessica Herning of Violette Fields

2013-08-17 20.49.36


Their children’s clothing is not just adorable – it is DOable!  I was blown away when I saw the high quality pamphlet in each pattern that showed step by step how to make their darling clothes.  Even a beginning seamstress will be successful.  Check this out:  //



Kathy McGee of Hemma Designs

Kathy specializes in storage containers and organizational projects that your customers will love.  She used oil cloth in some of her projects and said that it was very easy to work with because it doesn’t ravel or fray – an added bonus that never occurred to me!  You con’t have to finish the seams….//

2013-08-19 01.17.22


Kimberly Jolly, Sarah Price, and Jocelyn Ueng of It’s Sew Emma

These ladies have figured out how to make the most of the pre-cut market and have incorporated it into their patterns and books – and using their books and patterns, you can too:  //

2013-08-18 20.14.28-1


More vendors, more displays, more quilts, and more pictures next week – an event this big just can’t be covered in one post!



2013-08-17 20.49.36



2013-08-17 20.49.11




2013-08-18 20.14.28-1


2013-08-19 01.17.22

Must Haves….

Order these NOW!!!  I know they won’t be available for awhile, but you can blog about them and take pre-orders because your customers are going to want them.  And, if you want them to buy them from YOU, your customers have to know that you are on top of it!

I was teaching a class last week and told them that Karen K. Buckley was releasing a 6″ version of her most popular serrated scissor. A student said, “If my house was on fire the first thing I would grab is my Karen K. Buckley scissors….”  Ten she paused and said, “Well, I would wake up my husband – but THEN I would go right for those scissors!!! ”  Now THAT is a testimonial!

These new must-haves are expected to arrive early this summer:

Item #KKBPSM  Retail $25.95

They have all of the features of her other scissors.  The blades are serrated so the fabric doesn’t slip – it is like having a mini pair of pinking shears!  The tips are protected as a plastic cover.  The handles are big enough to comfortably use.  And the points are sharp and tiny enough to get into the smallest of spaces….

Here are her other best sellers…

The 7 1/2″ size:

Item #KKBPSL  Retail $27.95

The 4 1/2″ size:

Item #KKBPSS  Retail $19.99

The curved 3 3/4″ version:

Item #KKBPSC  Retail $22.95

If your customers have not tried them, they will – and will want them all!

The other must have is the new “Midi” Twister.  This Twister works with 6 1/2″ squares and fits between the 5″ Lil Twister and the 10″ Twister…

Item #MIDITWISTER  Retail $14.95

Why not be the first to take some of the available books and patterns and change the size by simply changing the template?  Check out the books available from Country Schoolhouse Designs:  //

Why Karen Kay Buckley Scissors SELL

Karen is world renowned for her exquisite applique work and spent three years developing the perfect applique scissors.

Her scissors feature one standard blade and one micro serrated one. The flat blade can be sharpened. The serrated blade stops the fabric from shifting by grabbing the fabric when cutting. Therefore, multiple layers can be cut at one time. The micro serrated blade is like cutting with a miniature pair of pinking shears – minimizing fraying.

Each pair of scissors comes with a protective plastic cover to protect the blades.

The 4″ size have very sharp points and are great for trimming individual pieces.

Item #KKBPSS Retail $19.99

The 7 1/2″ size have sharp points and are great for cutting multiple layers.

Item #KKBPSL Retail $27.95

The Perfect Curved Scissors have curved tips so you can cut threads very close to your work.

Item #KKBPSC Retail $22.95

All scissors have ergonomically designed handles which fit left and right handed sewers comfortably. Open a pair and leave them on your counter with some scraps of fabric. This is definitely a case of “if they try them, they will buy!”