Learn about Batting from the Best

Let’s face it.  Even though batting is in every quilt, quilters know little about battings.  Most of us stick with the same batting, buy what’s on sale, or let our machine quilter choose.  What if we could educate our customers and help them choose the RIGHT batting for their projects?










Dawn from The Warm Company will be at the Checker Open House.  I have quilted long enough to remember when they came out with “Warm and Natural” – a batting that could be washed and maintain its shape.  This also meant that it could be quilted up to nine inches apart without FALLING apart!  This product was revolutionary but they didn’t stop there.  Let Dawn help you choose which battings you should carry in your store – and explain when specialty battings are a good choice.




Insul Shine


Soft & Bright








The days of carrying two battings – one cotton and one polyester – are over.  Come to the Open House and take a few minutes to educate yourself!

Standing Room Only Classes – Part One

Many  shop owners complain because they can not fill their classes.  It may all be in the presentation!  I am going to share three different classes based on very simple projects and turn them into a must attend class!  Don’t just tell them that they are going to make four place mats.  Why not spice it up like this:

Get a head start on your gift giving by making a set of four place mats in your choice of fabrics.  In this three hour class, learn how to:

  • Quilt as you go
  • Use Insul-Bright and see why it may be your batting of choice
  • Learn how to turn the binding by bringing the backing to the front
  • Press and glue the binding in place in one easy step

Item #PMFS  Retail $4.99

Go to Checker You to see Kathy Seal demonstrate how to teach this as a class.  (This is a site exclusively for shop owners that shares classes and videos from the designers.)

Kathy shows how to cut the backing one inch larger than the front and turn this fabric to create the binding.  Frankly, I was a binding snob and always used a double fold binding until I talked to Kathy.  In a very nice way, she said get over it!  It’s a place mat!  Not everything has to be an heirloom quality project – and sometimes quick and easy is best!  And using her method, the binding takes about 15 minutes!

Kathy uses Roxanne’s glue while pressing the binding in place.  The iron actually dries the glue and holds it in place so it can be stitched exactly where you want it!  Who knew????  If you didn’t know this trick, your customers won’t either!

Item #RXGL5  Retail $4.90

Use these classes as an opportunity to try different battings.  This time, feature Insul-Bright.  I love this product because you can then use the place mat as a hot pad on the table.  A nine x thirteen pan fits perfectly on a place mat.  I use the wrong side in case there is a spill – the front will still be pristine.

Insul-Bright has a reflective side that should be face up so the heat is reflected away from the table surface.  But if you are going to flip the place mat over when using it for this purpose, turn the Insul-Bright over when sewing it into the project.  Be sure to read the packaging.

Item #6345WN  Retail $7.65

Now for the presentation….Kathy shows how to set up a table setting that will make your customers drool.  Now complete a display by pulling focal fabrics that could be showcased in this design.  Showcase a completed place mat and display the class description and dates of the class.  Make every class – no matter how simple – a learning opportunity.  I have been quilting 30 years and would sign up for the class because I want to know the glue trick and haven’t bound quilts this way!  Be sure to have plenty of products available.  Kathy has eight different place mat patterns.  Once they know how to make one, they will want them all – but only if you have them available.  Don’t forget the Insul-Bright and Roxeanne’s glue.  The place mats are a bonus….

Christmas Kitchen Quickies

Six patterns for kitchen accessories hit the top 20 this week – interestingly enough – no aprons!  Place mats and hot pads are the favorites!

These “Take Four” place mats use four fabrics which appear in each place mat in a different place – kind of like a stack and whack!  How easy is this???  Do them in Christmas fabrics and they look like Christmas presents!  Why not use the Soft and Stable place mats as a base?  Then they don’t even have to be quilted.  Use a basting spray to hold them in place and showcase the stitches on your sewing machine.  Soft and Stable (white:  #PBASS20PP; black:  #PBASS10PP) does not have to be quilted at all so this is just a decorative touch – but a great way to demonstrate how to use metallic threads, etc.

Item #CF224  Retail $9.00

Hot pads are great gifts – and great decorations!  What an easy way to brighten up a counter – everyone loves cupcakes!  Be sure to have fat quarters of stripes and polka dots nearby.  And Insul-Bright is the perfect batting (Item #6345WN).

Item #ST935  Retail $5.95

Owls are incredibly popular now – and these hot pads are absolutely adorable…

Item #ST1107  Retail $5.95

The Caddy Pad is a great way to carry an iron – but it is also a great lunch bag!  When opened, instead of an ironing surface, you have a placemat!  What a great gift!

Item #SCT10103  Retail $17.00

Or, why not make friends and family a casserole cover and enclose a container of goodies?  What a great hostess gift!

Item #ATK163  Retail $9.00

This table runner only has six pieces – you can’t get any easier than that!  Make sure you have the Creative Grids 60 Degree Triangle in stock as well.  It comes in two sizes – 8 1/2″ (CGRT60 – Retail $17.95) and 12 1/2″ (CGRT12560 – Retail $25.95).  Many of the new stripes are 10″ so your customers may need the wider size….

Item #TQC272  Retail $8.50

The holidays are also a perfect time to share your passion with your friends who love crafts – but don’t necessarily sew.  Why not expose them to the joys of quilting by NOT making a quilt?  The gratification of creating is just as sweet!  And, we all need simple, easy last minute gifts….

Best Patterns since Market

This time of year, you have two types of customers – those who quilt and those who don’t!  Obvious, isn’t it???  But, in this case, the quilters are looking for quick, easy gift ideas that they can make in an afternoon.  Check out the Top 20 patterns on our website:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/patterns

Order in a supply of them now and set up a display.  Have a ready answer – and supply of products when your customers come in looking for that last minute project idea.

Consider kitting them as well.  The greatest gift you can give your customers this time of year is the gift of time!  Many of them are simple hot pads, table runners, etc. so save your customers time by pulling appropriate fabrics and fat quarters.  And don’t forget the Insul-Bright – they will need the correct batting!

But, for those customers who want to try something new, Poorhouse Quilt Designs released several patterns that feature a mold-able stabilizer, Inn-Spire.  These are fast, easy and fun – and not your grandmother’s quilt project!

These leaf bowls are a great way to start…

Item #PQD176  Retail $9.00

Then, why not have a class or sample of the pointsettia?  T’is the Season…

Item #pQD178  Retail $9.00

Butterflies are not just for Spring!  My granddaughters would love these all over their room…

Item #PQD181  Retail $9.00

There are two types of this moldable product available: Inn-Spire Plus (Item #IC4350) and Bosal Heat Moldable Double Sided Fusible Plus Stabilizer (Item #491B).  Both retail for $19.99.

Why not kit the pattern and stabilizer for quick Christmas gifts?  Offer a class after the first of the year that can be purchased now as a gift certificate.

The folks at Quilt in a Day have hit the top 20 with their new pattern – Braid in a Day.  The template is included.  She did a video for Checker You at quilt market.  I haven’t seen it yet, but have heard that this video is so good that this pattern is going to go through the roof!!!  It will be up very soon – and when you see how easy it is, you will definitely add it to your class line-up.

Item #1282QD  Retail $10.00

These new patterns are perfect gifts for customers who are shopping for the quilters in their life!  Offer them something so new that they won’t have to worry about duplicates!

Portable Ironing Caddies Make Great Gifts

I fell in love with these ironing caddies when a student brought one to a class.  And I am thrilled to announce that Checker is now carrying them.  It comes in three different sizes – all of them are due in stock by the middle of next month.  This should definitely be a class on your fall schedule!

Caddy Pad Full

Item #SCT10103  Retail $17.00

Caddy Pad Jr.

Item #SCT10114  Retail $15.00

Travel Iron Tote

Item #SCT10105  Retail $12.00

Use these caddies to transport your iron to class.  Then, open it up to press when you get there.  And the whole thing is held together with a great decorative button!  Dill buttons are great choices.  Check out our website for a complete selection:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/search?v=D500

All of the patterns include enough Thermal Flec to complete one tote – but who can stop at just one?  Have more available…

Item #103714

Insul-Bright is the perfect batting to use as well….

Item #6320WN

These are great Christmas gifts and great kits.  Be sure to include the Insul-Bright and Thermal Flec as part of the display.  Why not do step by steps for your next demo?  Show them how easy it is to sew one up in an afternoon????