Alex Anderson Takes Center Stage

Many of us fell in love with quilting because we watched Alex Anderson on T.V.  I belonged to a generation that was surrounded by quilts – but didn’t consider making them until I was exposed to the step by step examples on her show!  Once the entire process was broken down into do-able segments, I was hooked!  Alex is sharing her life story in her school house – “How the Heck did I get on T.V.?”

She will also be sharing tips from her books – and signing them – both days.  Come and visit with one of the legends in the industry and see what her plans are for the future!

Many of you use her books as the Bible for classes in your shop.  Why not have her sign them so the students who sign up for Fall classes get signed copies???

Item #10708  Retail $14.95

Item #10673  Retail $19.95

Item #10768  Retail $14.95

Item #10486  Retail $17.95

Alex has also joined forces with Accuquilt to create die cuts…

Quarter-Square Triangles:

Item #ACQ55047  Retail $59.99


Item #ACQ55048  Retail $69.99

Grapes of Wrath:

Item #ACQ55070  Retail $34.99


Item #ACQ55071  Retail $34.99

Why not start a Wall of Fame at your shop and have your picture taken?  Let your customers know that you have learned from the best!  See you August 19 & 20.