Electric Quilt 8 is in the Building

Electric Quilt is the industry’s go-to computer software for quilting design. From professionals to the everyday quilter, EQ has all the right tools and features for every designer.

I don’t want to mess this up, so in their words:

NEW LOOK: EQ8 is redesigned with a friendly new look that includes large interface elements for faster, more intuitive learning.
NEW FEATURES: EQ8 comes with more than 40 new and updated features, including thousands of new block designs and fabrics.
NEW DELIVERY: The EQ8 package contains a software download license. The license is used to claim, download, and install the software from ElectricQuilt.com. Complete instructions are included.

An illustrated Block Library is available separately. This book provides visuals of all of the blocks that are available in the program and tells you how to find them. The Lessons for Beginners walks you through the program so you learn all of the features.

All are available now!

Take Coloring Books to The Next Level

Adult coloring books were the must have Christmas gift.  Why not turn these colorists into quilters?  It is easier than you think!

Why not offer a class showing your students how to copy their favorite design onto fabric – and then have them color the design with these permanent fabric markers?

Item #31425  Retail $39.99

Item #33710  Retail $19.99

Item #28975  Retail $6.99

Item #28974   Retail $6.99

Item #33711  Retail $29.99

These are the same markers that are recommended by Hayley Crouse for her fabric collections.

Item #DC7001-WHT

Electric Quilt offers three different grades of printable fabric. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the print! Did you know they come in 6 sheet and 25 sheet packs?  Why not order a 25 pack and sell individual sheets?

Item #P-FABRC  Retail $20.95

Item # P-FAC25  Retail $75.95

Item #P-CL025    Retail $83.95

Item #P-CL811  Retail $22.95

Item #CS811  Retail $22.95

Item #P-CS025  Retail $83.95

Did you know it also comes in larger sheets???  Check out our website if you are interested in 13″ x 19″ or 11″ x 17″ sizes.

Click to watch a product video Electric Quilt Company