Cut Loose Press is LIVE

Cut Loose Press is alive and well – and blew the socks off of everyone at Quilt Market!!!  Our baby has launched to rave reviews and we couldn’t be happier!

This is how it works.  Top designers create quick and easy patterns that showcase a notion and up to three additional products.  These patterns are reasonably priced at just $3.99 Retail and come printed with your store name and information.  They are also printed on secure paper which turns black if copied – the glories of modern technology.  You must order a minimum of 12 – but can order any number over that, 13, 14, 15, etc.  And since they are printed on demand, they are always in stock!

Take a look at the possibilities….


Creative Grids Log Cabin Trim Tool (CGRJAW1) and Log Cabin Trim Tool Two (CGRJAW2)

I am really excited because many of you have been waiting for support patterns for the Creative Grids Log Cabin ruler.  The designer of that ruler, Jean Ann Wright, has created three patterns that support the 8″ finished version – the CGRJAW1.

Half Log Cabin

Item #CLPJAW0001  Retail $3.99

Autumn Table Runner

Item #CLPJAW002  Retail $3.99

Courthouse Steps

Item #CLPJAW003  Retail $3.99

Licketty Split Log Cabin

Item #CLPJAW004  Retail $3.99

This one supports the Log Cabin Trim Tool Two – CGRJAW2.

Item #CLPJAW005  Retail $3.99

Visit the Creative Grids or Checker Distributors websites to watch videos demonstrating how the rulers are used.

The Log Cabin Trim Tool:  //

The Log Cabin Trim Tool Two:  //

Then, make sample blocks of all three sizes of all three varieties:  Half Log Cabin; Courthouse Steps; and a traditional Log Cabin.  Your customers will want to see the blocks in actual size and these blocks can be the basis for your demo.  Use them to show your customers how the squares on the ruler move down the block as each round of logs are added.  The light bulb goes off immediately.

You don’t have to actually make the quilts – the patterns are enough.  You may want to kit them, however.  They will be so excited they will want to go home and start right away!

Creative Grids Double Strip 90 Ruler (CGRDBS90)

Kathy Seal has written three patterns based on the Creative Grids Double Strip 90 degree ruler (Item #CGRDBS90).

Item #CGRDBS90  Retail $26.95

All of these patterns use the same technique – 4 1/2″ strip sets are sewn together into tubes – and then cut into squares.   Why not demo this technique and offer the patterns as companions?

Mirrored Tiles

Item #CLPKSE0001  Retail $3.99

Hot Cross Stars

Item #CLPKSE0002  Retail $3.99

Tropical Blues

Item #CLPKSE0003  Retail $3.99

How could squares cut the exact same way, look totally different???  Your customers will be amazed at well.

This ruler is consistently in the top 20 – along with the book that supports it:  Strip Smart Quilts.

Item #B1097T  Retail $24.99

Why not make a sample of blocks created with these 90 degree units that are included in the book?  Once they have committed to the ruler, they will want all of the patterns and book that support it.  And, if they already have the ruler, the additional patterns will appeal to them!

But there are a multitude of other patterns that support it as well…visit:  //

to see the all of the companions.

See how Cut Loose Press can be the beginnings of your next demonstration???