Braided Twist by Cheryl Phillips

I can’t improve on Cheryl’s description: Try this unique technique for a quick table runner with no quilting, no hand sewing, and no binding. The beauty of the Braided Twist is its simplicity! The Braided Twist tool includes a 32-page booklet and three insert pages. The main project runner size is 13-1/2 x 33-1/2 inches. Longer and shorter variations are included. The Bonus Blossom project is 30 inches in diameter.

The tool makes quick work of cutting the curves and the markings are intuitive!

These two color versions – in two different lengths showcase the curves.

You can even add appliques or embroidery.

Don’t ignore the bonus project! It is the perfect centerpiece to a round table!

This is a perfect class – a project that they can actually finish in class. Don’t we love instant gratification??? Or, make step-outs for the perfect demo!

New Books Hit the Top 20 – Part Two

The cream has risen to the top.  These are books that have now consistently appeared in the top 20 since their releases.  These top sellers should be in your shop as well.

Barbara Brackman is first and foremost an historian.  Her expertise is world renowned so I am thrilled that she came out with this Civil War Sampler book.  It is one of those books that belongs on everyone’s book shelf.  There are 50 archival blocks that can be created in two different sizes.  The stories and photography are a spectacular bonus!

Item #10874  Retail $29.95

Lynette Jensen has released a Block Party book that features twelve months worth of projects and recipes.  There is a reason that her works are considered classics!  Classic quilts from a classy lady!

Item #BK440  Retail $ 29.95

Jo Morton has a huge following and this book is a must have for everyone of them!  She shares 10 pieced and applique projects in her very recognizable style.

Item #PHBK22  Retail $25.00

Cheryl Phillips has released the 20th anniversary edition of her book – Quilts Without Corners.  I can’t believe that it has been 20 years since Cheryl changed the shape of quilting!  This book includes the 10 degree mini template as well as the extension.  There are two new patterns as well.  Cheryl knows how to celebrate a milestone in style!!!

Item #QWCPLAT01  Retail $22.98

Two of our favorite Brits – Pam and Nicky Lintott have released their latest jelly roll book that pays homage to antique quilts.  I just heard this week that they will have a booth at Spring Market in Portland!  Stop by and meet them – you will be glad you did!

Item #V7941  Retail $24.99

Who could resist????