Kit By the Numbers

Gina Zeleznok of Sturbridge Quilting and Sewing has developed a system that moves fabrics you already have and crosses fabric lines and manufacturers.  The key?  She cuts her fabrics into groupings that equal a yard:

#1 – 1 Yard Cuts
#2 – two half yard Cuts
#3 – three twelve inch cuts
#4 – four fat quarters
#8 – eight fat eighths
#12 – twelve fat twelfths

These cuts are supported by a line of patterns designed by Debbie Wendt of Wendt Quilting that show exactly which fabric cuts you need for each pattern.  The back of the patterns show both yardage and By the Numbers requirements so they can be sold even if you choose not to kit “By the Numbers”.

Here are the current options – showing the front AND back of the patterns so you can see how it works:  Done by Three has a #4 on the front so you automatically know that it uses fat quarters.  The back cover shows that you need three packs.  Therefore this throw can be made with twelve fat quarters – a total of three yards!  What an economical and easy quilt!  And the patterns are just $5.00!

dw311 dw311_1









Flowers in the Valley uses three 1 yard cuts and sixteen fat eighths.

dw312 dw312_1









Bow Tie Blues requires eighteen fat sixths, two half yard cuts, and a one yard cut for the border – or a total of five yards of fabric!

dw313 dw313_1









Shoo Fly Picnic uses thirty-two fat eighths, two yards of background, and one yard for outer border and binding.

dw314 dw314_1








Equidistant uses eight fat eighths and twelve fat twelfths.

dw315 dw315_1









Starting to make sense??? What a great way to kit and use ends of bolts or organize your fat quarter display into usable bundles. This is an obvious choice for those customers who are hesitant to pick out their own fabrics.

But not all of the patterns are quilt sized.

dw316 dw316_1 dw317 dw317_1
















If your shop vends, this would be a great way to package fabrics to reduce cutting – and hauling bolts of fabric to the show! Going to Spring Market? Gina is giving a schoolhouse explaining the entire By the Numbers Fabric System. Hear from the expert exactly how to start a program in your shop!