Ann Hazelwood’s Colebridge

Ann Hazelwood has written a seven-book series based on Anne Brown and her friends who live in Colebridge. Each book includes a quilt which becomes an integral part of the story – almost like its own character! We now carry all of her books – and I will write about her other series at a later date. Here are the books in order:

The Basement Quilt

The Potting Shed Quilt

The Potting Shed Quilt (The Colebridge Community Series Book 2)

Funeral Parlor Quilt

The Funeral Parlor Quilt

The Jane Austin Quilt Club

The Jane Austen Quilt Club

The Ghostly Quilts on Main

The Ghostly Quilts on Main

Quilted Lilies

Quilted Lilies

A Colebridge Quilted Christmas

A Colebridge Quilted Christmas

Tis the season to cuddle up in front of a fire and read a good book! It’s even better if all of your friends are reading along with you. Why not start a book club based on this series???

The Forgiving Quilt – A Novel

Ann Hazelwood, author of the Colebridge chronicles, has just released the first book in a new series.  Once again she weaves quilts into the narrative of the book. The Forgiving Quilt is based in Missouri along the Mississippi.
Item #AQS10279  Retail $14.95

If you were NOT a fan of her books, you will be soon!  Why not read the Colebridge series as well?  In order….
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Item #AQS1256  Retail $14.95

Item #AQS1257  Retail $14.95

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Item #AQS1697  Retail $14.95

Item #AQS7274   Retail $14.95

Don’t you love it when you find a new author???