Standing Room Only Classes – Part Two

Time is at a premium and if you want your customers to spend time taking a class, they have to know that it is worth it!  Place mats are a great way to teach techniques..  This time we will make four place mats and learn how to:

  • Stack, cut and rotary cut four place mats at once
  • Create a double-fold binding
  • Attach the binding and turn a perfect mitered corner
  • Join the binding where they meet on the side
  • Try Stiff Stuff by Sew Lazy – a product that eliminates the need to quilt!

These “Take Four” place mats are a great way to incorporate some basic rotary cutting into your classes.  Think about it – if they are cutting each place mat out one at a time – it will take 15 minutes so it will take an hour to cut out all four.  If they stack them, all of the pieces will be exactly the same size and they will be able to cut FOUR out in 15 minutes!

Item #CF224  Retail $9.00

Stiff Stuff is a thin interfacing that is very pliable and is 20″ wide.  It is washable  and does not need to be quilted.  Use a basting spray and totally eliminate the quilting step.

Item #SLG10720 – Available in a 20 Yard Bolt

Show them how to use the Creative Grids binding tool to cut the binding.  In this class, show them how to cut binding on the straight of grain.  This class focuses on turning the corners to create a perfect miter and joining the ends.


Item #CGRABB1  Retail $18.95

This ruler includes a tag which features a video showing every step of the binding process.  But sometimes your customers only need help on a certain step – and want that information at their finger tips.  That is why they will also want this laminated binding card – with illustrations of every step.  In this class we will skip the bias binding step.

Item #QPBS  Retail $5.99

Put together a collection of fabrics and let them choose their own.  In a class setting, this is like having samples done in a multitude of fabrics.  Then, take pictures of the finished projects and display them by your sample.  A picture is worth a thousand words…..

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